Calls for Entry

The Brentwood Arts Exchange All-Screened Video Fest

Event: Saturday, February 1 from 2pm to 5pm


Free and open to the public.

Presenting fiction, documentary, and experimental videos 10 minutes or less by:

  • Cedric Baker
  • Nancy A. Breslin
  • James Coley
  • Grayson Heck
  • Rachel Hrbek
  • Mark Isaac
  • Ben Israel
  • Brian Kelley
  • Theo Linder
  • Arthur Luganskas
  • Gail Rebhan
  • Alberto Roblest
  • Richard Schellenberg
  • Mike Shaffer
  • Paul Short
  • Kristy Simmons
  • Roy Utley
  • Chad Wanzek
  • Jing Zhou

The Brentwood Arts Exchange All-Screened Video Fest aims to create a comfortable and social atmosphere for appreciating diverse time-based creative works. Announcement of the winner of “Best in Festival” and a $300 cash prize will occur between 4:30-5 pm.

Brentwood Arts Exchange – exchanging ideas through art is located in the Gateway Arts Center at 3901 Rhode Island Avenue, Brentwood. For more information call 301-277-2863/ tty. 301-446-6802, email [email protected] or visit





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