The East City Art Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit independent from East City Art Media LLC


East City Art Foundation for Critical Art Writing and Research


To provide a written critical assessment of contemporary art exhibited in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

Mission Statement

The East City Art Foundation for Critical Art Writing and Research will serve the DC Metropolitan artistic community through a critical written assessment and scholarship of contemporary art exhibitions to engage readers in a continuous dialog about contemporaneous subject matter and artistic expression.


Beyond the institutions of the National Mall, Washington DC and its metropolitan area produce world class art exhibitions. The lack of visual arts coverage by the area’s major newspapers of record results in a lack of public engagement in the discussion of locally produced contemporary visual art. Regional artists and curators have lamented that the lack of dialogue about their work and practice hinders their ability to grow and evolve artistically as very little systematic critical feedback exists.  As a result, the East City Art Foundation seeks to respond to the community’s request by training an annual cohort of critical art writers and scholars mentored by a subject matter expert.  In turn, the subject matter expert will take on the role of editor by thoroughly reviewing and discussing critiques prior to publication in East City Art. Other projects may include partnerships with other local institutions to produce and publish scholarship on local visual art related topics.

2017 Critical Writing Seminar

In 2017, the foundation will embark on creating and implementing a pilot critical writing seminar to train a cohort of critical writers which begins September 23 and ends October 7 .  Starting October  2017, a new critical writing piece will be published online weekly on East City Art by members of this group.  The Foundation has selected Claudia Rousseau, Ph.D., Professor of Art History at Montgomery College to train then edit the work of the pilot cohort. Rousseau is an internationally acclaimed art historian who has been published worldwide in English, French, Italian and Spanish. She obtained her Doctorate from Columbia University and has been a member of the prestigious Association International des Critiques d’Art (AICA) since 2010.

Constituent Feedback: The Artist Advisory Board

The East City Art Foundation will seek periodic feedback from an Artist Advisory Board composed of nine regional artists to gauge the progress of the Foundation’s critical writing initiative. In addition to welcoming coverage suggestion from the Artist Advisory Board, the Foundation will also engage advisory board member artists in continuous dialogue to ensure the critical writing initiative serves the DC area’s artistic community effectively. In addition, the ECAF may directly solicit editorial counsel from the AAB when covering controversial or sensitive topics.  Structurally, the all-volunteer Artist Advisory Board will self-govern by electing future members after initial appointments by the ECAF board.

A full list of AAB members will be published by November 30, 2017.

For more information, contact board President Phil Hutinet at phil [at]


East City Art Foundation Board
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