A Private Collection of Washington’s Finest at Hemphill

Image by Elizabeth Grazioli for East City Art.

Image by Elizabeth Grazioli for East City Art.


Through August 2, 2014, HEMPHILL Fine Arts is sharing the work of thirteen artists that changed the landscape of art in Washington, DC and beyond. Upon entering the 14th St gallery, one is immediately greeted by the work of Howard Mehring and Thomas Downing. Bold, bright colors and simple geometric shapes never looked so good.

The exhibition features the work of Karl Stanley Benjamin, Leon Berkowitz, Michael Clark (Clark Fox), Gene Davis, Thomas Downing, Sam Gilliam, Ed McGowin, John McLaughlin, Howard Mehring, Kenneth Noland, Paul Reed, Alma Thomas and Anne Truitt, all from the private collection of Dolly Langdon and Aldus H. Chapin. The Washington Color School garnered some attention in DC recently and many of the exhibited artists are either directly associated with the Washington Color School movement or eventually helped shape it.

In the back of the gallery, the three pieces that stand out most are the works of Anne Truitt, Kenneth Noland, and Alma Thomas. The juxtaposition of the three artists’ work hanging together is completely breathtaking. Noland, one of the original artists associated with the color school, is flanked on either side by Truitt and Thomas, two artists who later became a part of the movement. Each of their pieces becomes progressively less abstract and esoteric with colors that are hard to duplicate.

For more information on Selections from the Dolly Langdon and Aldus H. Chapin Collection at HEMPHILL Fine Arts, read the press release on East City Art HERE.




Elizabeth Carberry
Authored by: Elizabeth Carberry

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