Artinista Art Advisory Creates Opportunities For Art Collectors


Recent Artinista panel session.  Photo by Elizabeth Grazioli for East City Art.

Recent Artinista panel session. Photo by Elizabeth Grazioli for East City Art.

For the past three years, Sharon Burton has been invested in creating an environment for educating and supporting a unique collector base in Washington, DC– women. She has focused on helping female collectors navigate the social and financial difficulties of collecting in today’s market. Over the last year, the Artinista Art Advisory has expanded programming beyond the walls of museum and gallery tours to include educational and informational panels, Twitter chats and, most recently, an interactive video panel.

“Are Local Art Galleries Still a Resource for Today’s Collectors?” is the latest question posed during Artinista’s educational programming. The new video chat format discusses what role local galleries have taken on in today’s art market and how collectors may work with them. Burton says that she hopes that viewers will learn how important galleries really are in today’s art world ecosystem. The talk stemmed from a recent discussion that galleries, as we know them, are “done.”

The panel, featuring Jordan Faye Block, the founder of Jordan Faye Contemporary in Baltimore, MD and Krista Saunders, the co-founder and director of Ground Floor Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, will offer their perspectives as gallery directors who support both artists and collectors. While the roles of galleries, collectors, and advisors may have shifted, Burton believes that “the local art gallery still has a big role in helping collectors build their collections.”

The panel takes place on Tuesday, August 12, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. and can be accessed through a Spreecast Link as follows: http://www.spreecast.com/events/art-galleries-collectors.

Later this year, the Artinista Art Advisory will host other upcoming events like the Art Studio Salon which visits DC based performance and visual artists. On Sunday, August 24, from 3-5:00 p.m., the Art Studio Salon will visit artist Sheldon Scott at his studio.

For more information, visit the Artinista’s website at www.theartinista.com





Elizabeth Carberry
Authored by: Elizabeth Carberry

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