EMULSION 2015 Acceptance List

Andrew Wodzianski Self Portrait as Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow34x34Oil on Canvas

Andrew Wodzianski Self Portrait as Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow 34×34 Oil on Canvas.

The following artists will participate in EMULSION 2015:

  • Benitez                                 Erick Antonio                     Baltimore, MD
  • Araujo                                  Joshua                                  Rockville, MD
  • Bohner                                 Chris                                      Washington, DC
  • Coleman                              Bobby                                   Baltimore, MD
  • Elsner                                    Rita                                        Washington, DC
  • Savos                                    Elissa Farrow                      Sterling, VA
  • Geffen                                 Roxana Alger                     Washington, DC
  • Henrick                                 Jay                                          Fairfax, VA
  • Holt                                        Leslie                                     Hyattsville, MD
  • Holtry                                    Elizabeth                              Frederick, MD
  • Jones                                    Wayson R.                           Brentwood, MD
  • Kim                                        Jaime (Jimyung)               Baltimore, MD
  • Kung                                      Chee Keong                       McLean, VA
  • Lee                                         Kyujin                                   Washington, DC
  • Lozner                                  Ruth                                      Bethesda, MD
  • Mayorga                              Carolina                                Washington, DC
  • McKaig                                 Bruce                                    Washington, DC
  • Palliparambil, Jr.               Anthony                              Bowie, MD
  • Paradiso                               John                                      Brentwood, MD
  • Rogers                                  Pam                                       Washington, DC
  • Sawyer                                 Rahshia                                 Sterling, VA
  • Smith                                    Anne                                     Arlington, VA
  • Snyder                                  Casey                                    Gaithersburg, MD
  • Speck                                    Scott                                      Pasadena, MD
  • Staiger                                  Marsha                                 Alexandria, VA
  • Thomas                                Sidney                                  Washington, DC
  • Underwood                       Patricia                                 Castleton, VA
  • Whealin                               Alice                                      Arlington, VA
  • Wike                                     Amy                                       Washington, DC
  • Wodzianski                         Andrew                                   Washington, DC
  • Wohl                                     Andrew                                 Bethesda, MD


The first, second and third place prize winners will be announced on Saturday March 21 at 8pm at Gallery OonH.



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