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DC is always bursting with pride and excitement for the city and the country.  So, for the fourth of July I wanted to share five artists that are inspired by and inspire patriotism.

Photo Credit Colin Winterbottom.

Photo Credit Colin Winterbottom.

Colin Winterbottom

One may have seen Winterbottom’s work before, as he has been showing and snapping around the District for over 20 years. A DC area native, he captures the monuments and patriotism of our fair city perfectly. He is mostly interested in the textures and composition and considers his work “romantic and haunting, dramatic and serene.” You can find Winterbottom’s work at the National Cathedral right now!  Check out his work online for more details www.colinwinterbottom.com

Photo credit: Amin

Photo credit: Fabiano Amin

Fabiano Amin
A transplant to DC from Brazil, Amin is in love with Washington DC and America. He has really made the city his home away from home and often finds unique opportunities to show his artwork. Recently he had the opportunity to show is work at Sterling and Burke, Ltd. and created a series of American flags in his traditional abstract expressionist style, capturing the color and movement of the flag perfectly. For more information, visit his website at fabianoamin.com

Photo Credit: Maggie O'Neill

Photo Credit: Maggie O’Neill

Maggie O’Neill
No doubt you’ve walked past or interacted with O’Neill’s iconic images of Lincoln, Teddy or the Capital dome, with even such great success as presenting the President with a portrait. O’Neill is not only an artist that uses bright colors, bold ideas and vivid imagery on the canvas, but recently she co-founded SwatchRoom, a creative design firm located in the heart of Shaw on 9th St NW. Stop by there to see her work or visit www.colinwinterbottom.com

Photo Credit: Sarma

Photo Credit: Navin Sarma

Navin Sarma
Another photographer born-and-bred in the capital of our great country, Sarma captures the landscape and nature of it in an almost dream like fashion. Since 2006, Sarma has been bringing the nature of not only DC but also the American landscape to life by creating work with unusual angles, colors and composition. Sarma’s work can be seen throughout Washington at a number of corporate locations. For more information, check out www.navinsarmaphotography.com

The work of Gregory Collins-Jackson at Eastern Market.  Photo credit: Caitlin Carroll/Curious District blog

The work of Gregory Collins-Jackson at Eastern Market. Photo credit: Caitlin Carroll/Curious District blog

And… Staying in DC for the holiday? Then swing by Eastern Market for the work of Gregory Jackson-Collins. He has created a name and place for himself at the entrance of the market on a weekly basis showing not only American flag work but also the DC flag painted on unique canvases of wood and recycled materials.

For more artists that are inspired by and inspiring DC visit artseedc.com/blog 



Elizabeth Carberry
Authored by: Elizabeth Carberry

Elizabeth Carberry is the founder and creative operations director of ArtSee, an arts management agency. Inspired by art in all its forms, Elizabeth’s passion for art and culture began as a child living in Milan, Italy, surrounded by the works of the great artists and has thrived in the Washington, DC community​. Elizabeth’s vision of ArtSee incorporates her three great loves: communications, curating, and art. Through ArtSee, artists and art enthusiasts will find an advocate and ally in its founder. Visit www.artseedc.com for more information..