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  • Two Wednesday Studio Artists In Virginia Show of Small Works
    Tara Hamilton and Eileen Leahy each had a piece selected in the small works/BIG IMPACT National Juried Exhibition at the Gallery Underground. The juror was Nar Steel, a miniaturist and former local gallery owner. The show invited entries in any media and on any subject or theme. But there was a catch: The art had to be no more than 12″ in any dimension. Eileen’s terra cotta sculpture won an Honorable Mention award in the show. Way to go, Eileen! Positive Attitude, a 12-inch-high terra cotta sculpture by Eileen Leahy, was awarded an Honorable… ... Read More
    Published on Saturday, May 20, 2017By wisemarian
  • Unusual Birds This Month
    Among the May 8 flock of birds for Draw-a-Bird Day, we have an extinct bird. A human bird. A sculpted bird. A rubber duck. And a fluffy bird that looks to me a lot like the Cookie Monster. Most important, we have some pretty talented artists drawing (and sculpting) birds! Take a look. “Dodo Bird” by Fran Tomlinson. Carbon pencil. “Lady Bird” by Vince Iannacchione. Colored pencil. “Red-Breasted Blackbird” by Tom Eichenberger. Acrylic and steel. “Duckie” by Linda Andreatta. iPad. “Blue (Fluffy) Bird of Paradise” by Tara Hamilton. iPad. “Bird” by… ... Read More
    Published on Wednesday, May 10, 2017By wisemarian
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