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Evolve Urban Arts Project Presents 'Awareness' Paintings by Regina Davis Izaguirre

Regina Davis Izaguirre. "Meditation". Photo Courtesy Evolve Urban Art Project.


Opening Reception: Thursday, November 8 from 5:30pm to 8:30pm


Show runs through January 3, 2013

About the artist
Regina Davis Izaguirre is a completely self-educated artist. She has passionately painted and drawn from a very young age, selling her first canvases and receiving her first commissions at the age of 16.  She has adopted classic techniques as her own, confronting reality and trying to untangle it, to discover what is mysterious in things, in life, in human acts.

Regina Davis Izaguirre was born in Mexico City.  Although she has not traveled extensively, Regina draws her experiences from endless “mind worlds”, painting emotions and ideas that invite the viewer to define her art as “painted poetry”, unraveling her own discovery of the mysterious relationship between man and his circumstances.

Her paintings, and commissioned portraits hang in private collections nationwide in Mexico and in the United States.  She has been part of specific projects that involve the artistic representation of the emotional contemporary experience of literature in art, as well as a study of the common modern man and the artistic representation of his unconscious dreams.

Regina Davis Izaguirre naturally unwraps herself within the most realistic pictorial lines into the lines of imaginary fields.  Each of her paintings is a unique intimate world with hidden elements and figures that underline the principles of existence.  Her work is figurative art of sharp images but delicate within subject and intricate in context, without doubt, a very personal style that is not influenced by artistic fashions and trends but by emotional encounters with life itself.

Regina Davis Izaguirre. "After Darkness (I Hope For) Light. Photo Courtesy Evolve Urban Art Project.

Artist statement
Inspired in, and somewhat questioning, the philosophy of René Descartes and his premise “cogito ergo sum” (“I think, therefore I am”), my exhibition Awareness presents a series of poignant surrealistic oil paintings whose purpose is to visually represent the union of the natural world, the human being and the eternal search for spirituality.

Essentially focusing on intrinsic emotions of human nature, “Awareness” is a visual insight in which the use of juxtapositions between the human figure and the natural world invites the viewer into the realms of self-awareness and discovery, opening personal psychological landscapes.  Each painting is rich in purpose, telling a story, engaging the viewer in emotional connectivity.

The purpose of the exhibition is to create a state of contemplation towards raw emotions that live in the core of our human nature – our sense of existence and the loneliness that we experience in our day-to-day life, often forgetting that we are all one in spirit. To visually represent these feelings has not only been an emotional challenge for myself as an artist, but has also opened doors into my own self-discovery and the questioning of our human reality and spirituality as a whole.

With the use of stirring details and symbolic elements, I dance in the realm of the “in between” – in search of the true, intrinsic human nature and the nature of our existence. I strive to express our doubts, our drama, and our eternal search for spirituality – our quest for a sense of consolation.

I find it incredible that we are so self-aware of our existence, as independent individuals, that we all too often submerge ourselves into the depths of loneliness and separateness, forgetting that life itself implies intrinsic interdependence.  Everything is connected in this psychological and philosophical journey that has taken me into a realm of awareness wherein reconciliation of these feelings can only be achieved by searching for spirituality – striving for an understanding of the whole.

Awareness of inherent human nature is presented in this exhibition with a series of poignant, yet tender, surrealistic paintings, each one with a strong individual statement that will guide the viewer into the core of innate, raw human emotions, engaging and inviting him/her into the realms of self-discovery and opening doors to emotional and psychological landscapes that offer insight into the search of the spiritual world as a whole.


The Project space is located in the Pierce School Lofts at 1375 Maryland Avenue, NE, in the H Street Arts and Entertainment District.  The artist reception is free and open to the public.

To view this exhibit after the opening, please call 202-744-6439 for an appointment.