East City Previews: GeneralPUBLIC at Gallery plan b


 Daevid Anderson, Hand Study 2, oil on board, 12" x 9". Photo Credit: Gallery Plan B

Daevid Anderson, Hand Study 2, oil on board, 12″ x 9″. Photo Credit: Gallery Plan B

On August 7, Gallery plan b will open its 14th Street location to GeneralPUBLIC, a group show featuring twelve artists. GeneralPUBLIC will showcase the works of both returning artists and several newcomers, with over 50 works on display.

Gallery Director David Kalamar says that he had initially planned three short exhibitions in a “pop-up” format. Instead, he grouped the artists into three complete shows, including EnivroNATURE, currently on display, and ManMADE which will open in October.

GeneralPUBLIC will feature the work of returning artists Anne Manly, Melissa Widerkehr and Gordon Binder and new works by Daevid Anderson and Alden Leonard. The show’s theme centers on the human form, featuring various mediums including drawing, painting and photography.

Daevid Anderson’s work (pictured above), is so incredibly detailed that from afar, one would think he is a photographer. Although focused on human form and its complexity, Anderson produces minimalist compositions. However his striking color creates an intense focus with mesmerizing attention to detail which distinguishes him from his peers.

GeneralPUBLIC opens on August 7 from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. and is on view through August 24, 2014 at Gallery plan b located at 1530 14th Street NW.  Visit the Gallery’s Website at






Elizabeth Carberry
Authored by: Elizabeth Carberry

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