DC Sketchers @ Trapeze School New York – DC

DC Sketchers gathered at the Trapeze School of New York – DC. We focused on gesture drawing by observing the school’s Intense Flying Workshop. While it seemed safer on the ground, students were challenged by drawing the human figure and further challenged by their constant movement.

On Saturday – March 5th, we will have visited the National Gallery of Art from 10am to Noon. Check out the class’ description and itinerary/schedule for upcoming opportunities to sketch.

Trapeze 001Trapeze 002Trapeze 003Trapeze 004Trapeze 005Trapeze 006Trapeze 007Trapeze 008

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Kent Gay
Authored by: Kent Gay

Kent Gay is teaching a new class at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop called DC Sketchers, which records the places, people and happenings of the DC area. Each Saturday morning the class ventures out to capture the views and interesting details of our area's rich architectural and cultural landscape. Beginners are led through a series of exercises that develop the perceptual skills needed to draw, while intermediate students benefit from a class structure that encourages cooperative learning and exploration. Kent earned a Bachelor of Environmental Design from the University of Minnesota's School of Architecture and a M.A. in Applied Design from the University of Minnesota's Graduate School. He has taught classes in design foundations - Drawing, Two-Dimensional Design, Three-Dimensional Design, and Color. After working as a museum exhibit designer for 15 years, Kent is now working as a Development Assistant and Theater Facilitator at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop and is a regular contributor to Urban Sketchers - DC. http://urbansketchers-dc.blogspot.com/