Design Studio Art Gallery Calls For Entry for "3:1" (3 disasters, 1 decade)

Outside the Diamond  | CALLS FOR ENTRY |

Artwork Drop-Off Date: Thursday, August 12th from 11am-6pm 

The Design Studio Art Gallery is currently seeking submissions for their upcoming show “3:1 (3 disasters, 1 decade)”.   The three disasters refer to hurricane Katrina, the Haiti earthquake and the gulf oil spill.  For a complete prospectus and entry requirements click here.
Submission requirements:
Artists must submit images of 2d or 3d works in the following size: width @ 480 pixels, height @ 378 pixels. If the work does not conform to those sizes, please adjust size closest to that measurement. The gallery is seeking size-ready that they can easily upload them to their website. Any ideas specifically regarding a special, planned installation must be explained in a minimum of 2 paragraphs along with images of works.  For more information, click
The exhibition seeks to raise awareness of the socio-political impacts of the following disasters: the response to huricane Katrina, the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti and the devastation brought about by the gulf oil spill.

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