Studio H Friday Happy Hour Featuring Pablo Caviedes’ Mannequin

Pablo Caviedes Manequin Happy Hour at Studio H

Pablo Caviedes. In Focus. Acrylic on Canvas. Photo Courtesy Studio H.

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Happy Hour Event: Friday May 20 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Join Studio H for a Friday Happy Hour event  on May 20 and view the current exhibition Mannequin by Ecuadorian artist Pablo Caviedes.  The exhibition has been extended to June 10, 2011.

In Caviedes’ words:

“As a Latin American artist I feel that speaking about our art is like connecting with the fable, the myth, and the constant metamorphosis of this fascinating culture. One that arises as a result of a great encounter that began five centuries ago between the old continent, the Western world, and our millenarian American indigenes.

The color, the magic, the exuberant nature, the mysticism, the races and the alternative system of living are some of the examples of the grand accretion of culture, the product of a great fusion between two mega civilizations, in which the magical realism and the visual metaphor become part of a fascinating language of daily lives of towns and cultures. I am part of that language.

I have developed my most recent series “Mannequin” with the same language of metaphors and the use of some iconic visual figures present in the magical realistic world, which I touched some years back in my creative process. This concept returns in “Mannequin”, to be updated and fused with the dilemmas of the society within the modern world. An example of these dilemmas is the loss of the essence of what is natural and human in our daily coexistence.

The series reflects my own experience over the last years. I’m a faithful witness to these new realities in which we live and observe that all that appears to be natural has often been previously preconceived. The new way of living seems to make us closer, connect us, but instead we are more and more disconnected and pushed away from what is tangible, real and furthermore natural and human.  As a synonym of artificial life, the “Mannequin” series attempts to revive and make us remember the irony of these moments, which have become part of our everyday life. The connecting thread in the series are spaces that look like if they were staged scenes- with cameras, tripods, lamps, monitors and screens with cables unable to connect. The characters in my works are partly extracted from actual fauna and in part from my imagination. Like actors or presenters, they illustrate, narrate and describe the “Mannequin” story. By using humor I intend to deliver a subliminal message to be read through the visual metaphors.”

Studio H is located at 408a H Street NE.  Hours are by appointment.




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