Why advertise on East City Art?

To advertise with East City Art direct all correspondence to editor [at] eastcityart [dot] com

Aside from the fact that East City Art is an excellent way to economically promote your products and services, an ad placement on East City Art is an affirmation of one’s support for the regional visual arts community.  The East City Art team works full-time to bring the vibrant local visual art scene online with original content and updated information about area events.  We also use our advertising revenues to help sponsor local exhibitions and festivals further promoting the local artistic community.

We have two advertising options:

  • Online journal option (website banners)
  • Email newsletter option (newsletter banners)

Quick Facts:

  • welcomes an average of 20,000 unique visitors per month and 160,000 total visitors per month
  • 320K page views per month
  • 90 percent of readers are from the Washington, DC area

Online advertising pricing:

1. Targeted leaderboard advertising
Size—The leaderboard is 728 x 90 pixels (wide x tall)
Duration—This leaderboard is sold by the month
Use—Ideal for events or seasonal activities
The leaderboard targets the following sections: the Events section, the Calls for Entry section or the Classes section
Pricing: $175 p/month

2. Annual Advertising
Ad position rotates upon page refresh
Ad is present in all articles, listings and most pages
Banners are 300 by 250 pixels
Pricing: $1100 annually [increased 1/1/2023]

Email Newsletter Option

DC’s Original Art Email Newsletter Since 2010

Quick Facts:
Email list of over 12000 area residents
35 percent average open rate

Email Newsletter Advertising Options

1. Email Banner
The email banner is 600 by 100 pixels (wide x tall)
One (1) run = Top Placement $150 | Second, third and footer Placement $100
Three (3) runs = Top Placement $350 | Second, third and footer Placement $225

2. Dedicated Email Blasts
The Dedicated email blast must be 600 pixels wide but the length is variable.  Images, buttons and text are all available and includes unlimited links.
One time email blast: $495