A Brush with History: The Torpedo Factory Art Center Documentary Celebrates 100 Year Anniversary of Building, 45 Year Anniversary of Art Center

By Editorial Team on December 18, 2019

Istrico Productions releases a new documentary to celebrate the anniversary of Torpedo Factory Art Center. Torpedo Factory Art Center celebrates two major milestones in 2019, the building turned 100 and the Art Center is 45.

The film is produced by Anthony Istrico and is written and directed by Nora Kubach. It explores the Art Center as an early example of placemaking in our country, a structure that went from making weapons of war and serving our nation, to now producing meaningful works of art by inspirational artists, and now serves its community in a different way.

The film includes documentary footage, interviews with artists and Art Center staff, and the story of transformation through the arts.

The documentary may be viewed and shared here: http://torpedofactory.org/about-us/history/


  • “The film A Brush with History celebrates ‘s rich 100-year history as a structure that went from making weapons of war to producing beautiful works of art. We wanted to honor both the artists and its military history, as the Art Center continues to serve its community, and the nation, to this day. It’s been an honor to help tell this story, and I’m hopeful that Torpedo Factory Art Center will continue to be an important, vibrant, and inspiring creative destination for visitors to the Alexandria waterfront for hundreds of years to come.”
    • Nora Kubach, writer and director
  • “It’s been wonderful working with Istrico Productions to tell the story of the Art Center and the multi-layered history of its building,” said Brett John Johnson, director of Torpedo Factory Art Center. “It’s a thread that intersects with so much of our history as a city and as a nation. This institution shows how art can be a tool for change.”
    • Brett John Johnson, director, Torpedo Factory Art Center

About Istrico Productions 

Istrico Productions is an award-winning Alexandria-based production company that has spent nearly a decade telling incredible stories. Their previous documentary, The 2 Sides Project, took home the Founders’ Choice Award at the 2017 GI Film Festival in Washington DC, and is now airing on PBS stations across the country and online at WSRE.org. Follow Istrico Productions on https://www.facebook.com/IstricoProductionshttps://www.instagram.com/istrico/http://istrico.com/.

About Torpedo Factory Art Center

Founded in 1974 in an old munitions plant, Torpedo Factory Art Center is home to the nation’s largest number of publicly accessible working artist studios under one roof. The City of Alexandria manages Torpedo Factory Art Center through the Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities as part of the Office of the Arts’ family of programs and facilities. Just south of Washington, D.C., the Torpedo Factory Art Center overlooks the Potomac River in the Old Town section of Alexandria, Va. Each year, more than a half million national and international visitors meet and interact with more than 160 resident artists in 82 studios and seven galleries. For more information, visit torpedofactory.org or follow the Art Center on Twitter, FacebookInstagram and Pinterest via @torpedofactory.

(Torpedo Factory Art Center. Photo: Waterfront Side, circa 1921 or 22. Library of Congress LC-DIG-npcc-30010.)