Brookland Artist Rachel Kerwin Unveils New Mural at Torpedo Factory

By Editorial Team on June 10, 2014

As part of its 40th anniversary year, the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, Va., commissioned artist Rachel Kerwin to create a new mural by the waterfront entrance. By the time of the unveiling, the 436 square foot mural will have taken 200 hours to complete. “The mural connects visitors to this place and the kind of work that’s happening at the Torpedo Factory every day,” said Kerwin. “Both children and adults come here to learn the basics of art making, while artists are constantly exploring new ways of seeing the world around them.”

The mural, which features visuals of the waterfront and the interior of the Factory, suggests a large scale paint-by-numbers image. It progresses from the detailed black outlines to dynamic colors that break from the lines and form their own unique aesthetic. June’s Second Thursday Art Night also includes the opening reception for the Target Gallery’s Alexandria Community Art Library, a community-based art project celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Torpedo Factory Art Center. There will be a curator’s talk at 7 pm following the unveilin.