Ceramicist Joe Hicks Builds Outdoor Kiln in Mount Rainier, MD

By Editorial Team on December 13, 2022
Stand alone kiln in Mount Rainier, MD. Image courtesy Joe Hicks Ceramics.

Ceramicist Joe Hicks has built an outdoor Kiln at his home in Mount Rainier, MD which also serves as a studio and small retail area.  Hicks’ ceramic studio is among several in Gateway Arts District and northeast DC attesting to the growth of ceramic workshops in the area.

Ceramics at Hicks’ Mount Rainier, MD residence. Image courtesy Joe Hicks Ceramics.

Hicks describes his process as follows: “I produce functional pottery and decorative vessels at my home studio in Mount Rainier, MD, which is located in the Gateway Arts District in Prince George’s County.  I use the potter’s wheel to create work that is fired in a kiln I built in 2017.  The kiln provides the ability to encourage specific types of effects on the glaze surfaces, but they are mostly unpredictable.  The surfaces are developed from their exposure to the atmosphere caused by the fire inside the kiln chamber, where I must rely on intuition and past experience to guide the firing process during an entire day.  The results are always unique and “one of a kind”, which is why I’m fascinated to work with this method.  It persistently provides an opportunity for the unexpected.”

Image courtesy Joe Hicks Ceramics.

About Joe Hicks Ceramics
Joe Hicks is a potter and Associate Professor of Art at Marymount University, where he guides the Ceramics and 3D Design programs for the School of Design and Art. He produces a wide variety of functional and decorative pottery vessels through investigating an American interpretation of the traditional Japanese glaze called, shino.  Each piece is a unique artifact fused from the interactions of fire, clay, and feldspar, and they are intended to meld the qualities of aesthetic exploration and daily use.

For more information visit: https://www.joehicksceramics.com/

[Source: Joe Hicks release]