Cindy Fletcher-Holden Bladensburg Alive: Building The Future Dedicated

By Editorial Team on December 1, 2021
Courtesy of Hyattsville Community Development Corporation.

Ernest Maier and the Hyattsville Community Development Corporation (HCDC) are pleased to announce the title of a new multicolor mural painted by Cindy Fletcher-Holden in the Town of Bladensburg. On November 15, 2021, at the ribbon-cutting ceremony Ernest Maier unveiled the title of the mural Bladensburg Alive: Building the Future located at 4602 Annapolis Road Bladensburg, Maryland.

The colorful, eye-catching mural depicts the some of the history of Bladensburg, MD: first as a shipping port, as a site of established tobacco markets, and as a critical point of entry to Washington DC, during the 1812 War with the British army. The mural has a mixture of bright colors that highlight contemporary views, such as the kayakers on the Anacostia River, the Peace Cross on Annapolis Road and the Prince George’s Publick Playhouse. The mural also highlights Ernest Maier’s unique place within the ecosystem of the Town. What’s unique about this mural is that it manifests the area’s rich diversity visually and articulates Ernest Maier’s mission to build and care for their community and employees. 

Courtesy of Hyattsville Community Development Corporation.

The title dedication event was attended by 15 guests, including residents, jury members, Mayor of the Town of Bladensburg Takisha D. James, local representatives from the town council, District 47 State Delegate Diana M. Fennell, and Prince George’s County Council Jolene Ivey. 

The artist Cindy Fletcher-Holden, Stuart Eisenberg, Executive Director, and Brendan Quinn, President, and CEO of Ernest Maier, collaborated to select the mural’s title. “I am so proud to be able to introduce this amazing gift of a mural, Bladensburg Alive: Building the Future,” said Stuart Eisenberg. “The mural so elegantly captures the deep down of things Bladensburg, releases the hidden energy, captures the essential beauties of this community.”

The mural depicts the company’s 100 years of history and growth with the Town of Bladensburg. Ernest Maier has been proud to call Bladensburg home and commissioned the mural to celebrate the company’s shared history, but also to celebrate the town’s rich diversity. “I want to thank Stuart Eisenberg and Cindy Fletcher-Holden for helping us create the first of many steps to beautify our properties with the use of public art,” said Brendan Quinn, President and CEO of Ernest Maier. “I wanted to create a mural that guides people to how they get welcome to the Town of Bladensburg… Cindy did an amazing job at capturing everything this town is about. I am stunned by her imagination and unique skills to transform this piece of wall into a piece of artwork.”

Courtesy of Hyattsville Community Development Corporation.

Cindy described her mural as follows: “It was an honor to be able to paint this mural for Ernest Maier and the Town of Bladensburg. I wanted to create a mural that captures the history and landmarks of the Town of Bladensburg.”

“I am so thrilled and grateful for Ernest Maier for funding and providing art to our main corridor just to give our passersby something beautiful to look at just as they are going to and from work. Said the Mayor of Bladensburg, Takisha D. James, who provided closing remarks. “I am grateful to Mr. Quinn in particular because he does so much in the Bladensburg community that he will never tell you about himself because he is very humble. I also want to thank Mr. Eisenberg and his incredible team at the Hyattsville CDC for navigating us through the process of selecting the artist to do the artwork for our main corridor and this beautiful mural… It was an honor for me to be part of the jury process. Thank you, Cindy, from the bottom of my heart because you clearly put a lot of hard work and passion into this mural.”

About Ernest Maier: Since 1926, Ernest Maier has been all about construction. Starting as Washington DC’s best and most trusted masonry block manufacturer. The Ernest Maier family has grown to provide an array of concrete and building solutions to Mid-Atlantic (DC, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia) contractors, architects, engineers, designers, and homeowners. Operating in these locations under our brands: Bay Ready Mix, Concrete Building Systems, Ernest Maier, Gomoljak, Parker Block, and Skyline Brick. We manufacture and/or distribute aggregates, block, drainage, hardscaping, insulation, masonry, precast concrete, ready mix concrete, steel, tools, and more.

About Hyattsville CDC: is a 501 c (3) non-profit organization. We are professionals, tradesmen, business, owners, artists, longtime and new residents. We work to reverse indifference and blight in the City of Hyattsville and surrounding communities. We recognize Hyattsville’s social, cultural, and material assets, and are committed to harnessing our community’s potential and talents to revitalize the City and neighboring areas. Our board and staff are comprised of Hyattsville residents and local stakeholders.

(Source: Hyattsvilee CDC Press Release)