DC-based Artist Tenbeete Solomon Artwork Selected by Pabst Blue Ribbon

By Editorial Team on November 19, 2019

This year, DC-based visual artist and illustrator Tenbeete Solomon, also known as Trap Bob,  was selected as Pabst Blue Ribbon’s official Art Can winners allowing her out-of-this-world illustration to be featured on over 5 millions, 24oz beer cans that began distributing nationally on October 1.

“I’m really into drawing hands,” Solomon says about her design. “[All] people can relate to them, and I don’t like to alienate with my work.” As for the outer-space theme, Solomon has mentioned that she’s pretty bored by humans. “I like drawing people, but creatively it doesn’t get me too excited,” she admits. “Humans are pretty simple in their structure—you can’t really stretch that work too much. I’ve gotten really into aliens because they’re all imagined. That idea of endless opportunity and possibility, it’s inspiring and helps us get out of the box.”

Since 2014, the 175-year old brand, Pabst Blue Ribbon has commissioned an annual Art Can contest where thousands of artists across the US enter in hopes of having their design displayed on millions of cans nationwide. “The Art Can Contest is about inspiring America,” said Andrew Heard, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Brand Manager for Art. “We want to inspire artists to create, and give them an audience of millions, while inspiring our customers by letting them engage with incredible art wherever they are enjoying a Pabst Blue Ribbon.”

(Image and announcement via Pabst Blue Ribbon)