DC Gallery Among Fourteen Galleries and Art Dealers from Across the US to Join the Art Dealers Association of America

By Editorial Team on April 19, 2022
Pictured (left to right):
Row 1 – Peg Alston Fine Arts; Chapter NY; CONNERSMITH; Derek Eller Gallery; GAVLAK
Row 2 – Nathalie Karg Gallery; Shulamit Nazarian; Parrasch Heijnen; Almine Rech
Row 3 – Rosenberg & Co.; SAPAR Contemporary; Two Palms; Von Lintel Gallery; YOSHII

New Members from Los Angeles; Washington, DC; and New York Are Welcomed to America’s Leading Nonprofit Organization of Fine Art Dealers

The Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA) announced the addition of 14 new members from across the country: Peg Alston Fine Arts (New York), Chapter NY (New York), CONNERSMITH (Washington, DC), Derek Eller Gallery (New York), GAVLAK (Los Angeles and Palm Beach), Nathalie Karg Gallery (New York), Shulamit Nazarian (Los Angeles), Parrasch Heijnen (Los Angeles), Almine Rech (New York), Rosenberg & Co. (New York), SAPAR Contemporary (New York), Two Palms (New York), Von Lintel Gallery (Santa Monica), and YOSHII (New York). They join nearly 190 members, from more than 30 cities across the US, in the nation’s leading nonprofit organization of fine art dealers, which this year marks its 60th anniversary.

Membership in the Association signifies an established standing within the gallery community and expresses a commitment to upholding the highest standards of connoisseurship and scholarship. To ensure that new members share the ADAA’s commitment to advancing the industry, candidates participate in an extensive application process, beginning with a nomination by an existing ADAA member. The entire membership votes to accept new candidates, who must demonstrate a record of accomplishment and major contributions to the arts and culture community, through activities such as organizing exhibitions, producing scholarly publications, and actively working with museums. They must additionally have been in business in the U.S. for at least five years. While the 14 new members represent a wide spectrum of specializations, genres, mediums, periods, and perspectives, they share a strong dedication to advancing appreciation, visibility, and new creative possibilities for the artists they present.

“The Association’s greatest strength is the collective relationships and expertise reflected in our membership, who are the leading dealers in the United States and among the most notable galleries in the world. As we celebrate the ADAA’s 60th anniversary, it is an exciting time to welcome 14 new voices into the Association, who continue to expand the organization’s representation of the most dynamic and significant galleries driving the industry forward,” said Anthony Meier, ADAA President and founder of the San Francisco gallery Anthony Meier Fine Arts.

New ADAA Members for 2022

Peg Alston Fine Arts (New York)
For nearly four decades, Peg Alston Fine Arts has championed works by African American artists and other artists of African descent. In addition to representing emerging and mid-career artists, Alston’s roster includes preeminent 20th century figures – including, but not limited to, Romare Bearden, Earl Miller, Stanley Whitney, Edward Clark, Norman Lewis, Lubaina Himid, Howardena Pindell, Todd Williams, Frank Bowling, and Fred Hayes. Through public programming, activism, and extensive collaboration with the Studio Museum in Harlem and other major New York City cultural institutions, Alston has cultivated interest in collecting African American fine art across the nation. Alston is a member of the Association of Women Art Dealers (AWAD), ArtTable, and is featured in History Makers’ archival collection of outstanding African Americans.

Chapter NY (New York)
Founded in 2013 by Nicole Russo, Chapter NY is committed to supporting artists whose practices range from emerging to established and to facilitating ambitious, experimental projects spanning site-specific installation, sculpture, ceramics, video, drawing, painting, and photography. By focusing on solo presentations and working closely with each artist, Chapter NY helps realize exhibitions that foster artistic exploration and growth. The gallery started as a weekend project space before growing into a full-time operation, first representing artists such as Sam Anderson, Mira Dancy, Willa Nasatir, and Adam Gordon, and continuing to expand its roster over the years. Chapter NY has also provided a flexible platform for non-represented artists working across a range of mediums.

CONNERSMITH (Washington, DC)
Founded in 1999 by Directors Leigh Conner and Dr. Jamie Smith, CONNERSMITH specializes in contemporary and postwar art, particularly the works of Washington Color School artists from the 1950s-70s. With an emphasis on curatorial vision and recognizing new and overlooked talent, the gallery works to advance the careers of contemporary artists and the legacies of notable fine art estates. Presenting works in diverse mediums, CONNERSMITH promotes art that contributes to important art historical movements, with special focus on innovations in color-field abstraction, figural realism, and current discourses on race, gender, and social justice.

Derek Eller Gallery (New York)
Derek Eller Gallery opened in 1997 and, for nearly twenty-five years, has introduced audiences to young talent, reacquainted the art world with important but underrecognized members of older generations, and solidified the careers of numerous artists actively participating in the contemporary art conversation. Artists represented by the gallery include Karl Wirsum, Nancy Shaver, Ellen Lesperance, Alyson Shotz, Jiha Moon, JJ Manford, and Jameson Green. The gallery has been located on the Lower East Side for over six years and before that, in Chelsea, for 18 years.

GAVLAK (Los Angeles, Palm Beach)
GAVLAK is an internationally recognized contemporary art gallery with locations in Palm Beach, Florida and Los Angeles, California. Founded by Sarah Gavlak in 2005, the gallery represents over twenty acclaimed artists, primarily focusing on the representation of women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ artists. Over the last two decades, GAVLAK has staged highly conceptual, pioneering exhibitions, including early solo presentations by Lisa Anne Auerbach, Jose Alvarez (D.O.P.A.), Wade Guyton, Sheila Hicks, Elisabeth Kley, Simone Leigh, Marilyn Minter, and Betty Tompkins. In 2014, the gallery expanded to Los Angeles, taking on representation for artists Candida Alvarez, April Bey, Karen Carson, Gisela Colón, and Judith Eisler. Gallery artists regularly participate in national and international museum exhibitions, international biennials, as well as solo exhibitions.

Nathalie Karg Gallery (New York)
Opened in 2013, Nathalie Karg’s eponymous gallery is dedicated to discovering and nurturing mid-career artists working in a wide range of media. With an emphasis on uplifting female artists, the gallery’s program focuses on exhibiting international contemporary work, punctuated by key historical shows. Among the many artists represented by the gallery are Nathlie Provosty, Heidi Hahn, Bridget Mullen, Liliane Tomasko, Nina Childress, Dorian Gaudin, and Tim Wilson

Shulamit Nazarian (Los Angeles)
Shulamit Nazarian established her namesake gallery in 2012 with a focus on artists from the greater Middle East. In 2016, Shulamit was joined by Senior Director and Partner, Seth Curcio, and together they expanded the gallery’s focus to include emerging, mid-career, and established artists whose interests challenge and illuminate current social and political issues through a lens of personal narrative. Shulamit Nazarian’s exhibition program is dedicated to supporting artists’ growth by positioning their practices in public and private collections, biennials, and monographs. Now located in Hollywood, the gallery features multiple exhibition spaces, a library, and private viewing rooms.

Parrasch Heijnen (Los Angeles)
Franklin Parrasch and Christopher Heijnen opened Parrasch Heijnen in January 2016 with a program centered on investigation of the creative process in relation to human evolution, a focus the gallery established with its inaugural exhibition, Ken Price Sculpture: A Career Survey, 1961-2008. Parrasch Heijnen contextualizes the work of the artists with whom it partners through the lens of historical precedents as well as the intergenerational exchange of energy and ideas. The gallery explores contemporary undercurrents while pairing like-spirited material from a variety of periods in order to bend preconceptions. Using a wide range of media, the artists it champions engage in conceptual dialogue about cultural and sociopolitical issues to depict the human experience.

Almine Rech (New York)
Founded in 1997, Almine Rech now represents over 60 international artists working in painting, installation, and sculpture. In its over-two-decade history, the gallery has expanded to grow its support and investment in new generations of artists, including U.S. representation of such artists as Oliver Beer, Genesis Tramaine, Chloe Wise, Alexandre Lenoir, and Scott Kahn. Alongside printed editions of its newsletter, the gallery publishes an extensive selection of artist monographs and art books that – in conjunction with its exhibitions and related programming – enrich the public’s engagement with its represented artists.

Rosenberg & Co. (New York)
With a focus on connoisseurship and expertise, Rosenberg & Co. continues in the family tradition established by Marianne Rosenberg’s great-grandfather in 1878, and carried on by her grandfather, Paul Rosenberg, and her father Alexandre P. Rosenberg, the founding President of the ADAA. Located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, the gallery presents works by an international roster of prominent Impressionist, modern, and contemporary artists, and represents the estates of Maurice Brianchon, Marguerite Louppe, Fred Stein, and Jeffrey Wasserman. Marianne Rosenberg is a committee member of the Fondazione Giacomo Manzù and represents the Comité Léger within the United States.

SAPAR Contemporary (New York)
Established in 2016 by Raushan Sapar and Nina Levent, SAPAR Contemporary Gallery + Incubator works with an international and intergenerational roster of artists. The gallery promotes artistic practices that range from meditative traditional ink painting to program code writing, and its exhibitions offer a unique lens that is future-oriented, accessible, and immersive. Bringing together visual artists and creative minds across disciplines, including scientists, engineers, architects, performers, musicians, and perfumers, SAPAR Contemporary also commissions site-specific works infused with the sensibilities, materials, and traditions reflective of the artists’ backgrounds. In 2017, SAPAR Contemporary launched an incubator program to highlight artists from Central Asia, Mongolia, and the Caucasus.

Two Palms (New York)
Founded by David Lasry in 1994, Two Palms works with celebrated contemporary artists to produce and promote prints and sculpture multiples in its SoHo studio. The gallery space is managed by Evelyn Day Lasry, a board member at the International Print Center New York and the Archives of American Art. Two Palms challenges preconceptions about print as a medium by utilizing a continuously expanding roster of tools and technologies – championing the creation of monoprints, monotypes, and other forms of experimental printmaking processes, while also nurturing expertise in traditional techniques such as intaglio and Woodburytype.

Von Lintel Gallery (Santa Monica)
Founded nearly 30 years ago by Tarrah von Lintel, Von Lintel Gallery presents painting, photography, and unique works on paper that are forward-thinking and challenging while maintaining a strong sense of aesthetic tradition. Focusing on a selective roster of artists who quietly push the boundaries of medium and materiality, the gallery exhibits works of art that inspire sustained, multi-layered encounters. After six years in Munich and another 15 in New York, Von Lintel Gallery relocated to Los Angeles in 2014 to engage with the region’s growing importance on the international art scene.

YOSHII (New York)
Located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, YOSHII specializes in modern and contemporary masterpieces. Since its founding in 1990, the gallery has organized many important historical exhibitions including Matisse and Tériade: Collaborative works between artist and art publisher and Alberto Giacometti: Early Works in Paris (1922-1930), which was selected by the International Association of Art Critics in 1994 as one of the best gallery exhibitions in the United States. The gallery also represents many practicing contemporary artists, as well as the Estate of Taizo Kuroda, whose white porcelain artworks were recently exhibited in the 2021 show Taizo Kuroda White Porcelain WARE-DAIZARA. In addition, YOSHII collaborates with galleries and museums around the globe and frequently lends works to exhibitions across the United States and abroad.

(Source: Art Dealers Association of America Press Release)