Dupont Underground Board of Directors Announces New CEO and COO

By Editorial Team on November 3, 2020

The Board of Directors of Dupont Underground formally installed Oliver Clemmons and Nora van Trotsenburg as CEO and COO, respectively, and named outgoing CEO Robert W. Meins CEO Emeritus.  Clemmons has been with the organization since 2016, most recently serving as Chief Financial Officer. Van Trotsenburg has served as Director of Programming since 2019.

Image Courtesy Dupont Underground.

“I’m incredibly proud of we’ve accomplished over the last year and a half” said Robert Meins, “We went through an intense reorganization last year and were welcoming a record number of visitors just before COVID hit. Despite the pandemic, the team continued to grow and we just reopened with two great exhibitions. Oliver and Nora have been key in all those efforts, and in securing the funds necessary for us to survive. The team could not be in more capable hands.”

“I’m tremendously honored to take the reins of such a great organization” said Clemmons “DU provides a unique platform for artists in the District. We have an incredibly diverse team in terms of perspectives, backgrounds, ages, ethnicities. I think that shines through in DU’s programming and want to make sure it remains a community resource.”

More information
Dupont Underground is a community arts organization located in the abandoned streetcar tunnels beneath Dupont Circle. It is a 501c3 that serves as a podium for local artists and arts organizations. DU reopened in September with the Military Visual Awards exhibition. Continuing its tradition as a podium for critical social discourse DU opened its ‘rise up.’ Black Lives Matter exhibition in October.  The exhibition in on view through January, 2021.