Entire MFA Class Walks-Out on Program

By Editorial Team on May 26, 2015

In a bold move responding to the University of Southern California’s “unethical treatment of its students,” which include changes in tuition subsidization and in pedagogical approach, an entire class dropped out of the Roski School of Art’s MFA program. Citing issues with the Dean’s poor understanding of the visual arts community and the administration’s belittling of the economic and pedagogical concerns of the students, the class took up the advice of administrators to leave the program if they were unhappy. Though only seven students in total, their call to action demonstrates the necessity of creating alternative spaces and collectives that, “are more important than ever in the current state of economic precarity” of higher education. Dean Erica Muhl rebutted the claims of the students, asserting that the school honored all terms in the offer letters. Yet, unnamed faculty and former-faculty members backed claims that the administration’s continued shift into an “arts business model” devalues studies in the humanities. Read more about it here and in a follow-up article here.