Franklin Brewery Commissions "After Dark, Hyattsville" Mural by Liz Manicatide

By Editorial Team on April 11, 2013

After Dark, Hyattsville was created by Boston artist Liz Manicatide, who specializes in kinetic art. The mural spans 40 feet in width and 12 to 14 feet in height along the south side of the Franklin’s general store located at 5121 Baltimore Ave, Hyattsville, MD. The newly installed mural is the first of its kind anywhere: a permanent outdoor installation employing color-changing light that shifts the appearance of the colors and surfaces of the mural.

Mike Franklin, the owner and founder of the restaurant/brewery/general store, known as a pioneering entrepreneurial force in the Gateway Arts District, wanted to raise the bar for public art and Route 1 in general.  The placemaking mural will light up the night for north-bound travelers along Route 1. “We think it will make quite a splash, and a lasting impression for this stretch of the corridor,” observed Stuart Eisenberg, Executive Director of the Hyattsville Community Development Corporation (CDC). The Hyattsville CDC is also administering a Street Art Initiative along the Route 1 Corridor incorporating the entire Gateway Arts District and Riverdale Park.  “We can only hope that other property owners in the area strive to match Mike’s impressive contribution to the street and building-scape and to the Arts in Hyattsville and the Gateway Arts District.”