Hyattsville Community Development Corporation Announces Selection of New Mural at West Hyattsville Metro Station

By Editorial Team on June 14, 2022
Mural rendering by Ima Abdul-Ali, and Skuda Gold. Image Courtesy of Hyattsville Community Development Corporation.

Hyattsville Community Development Corporation has announce Ima Abdul-Ali, and Skuda Gold were selected to participate in a community paint project–Bursting on the Scene. In May 2017, HCDC produced Bursting on the Scene, a community painting event where artists and residents transformed the underpass at the West Hyattsville Metro Station into a vibrant concrete canvas of colorful and locally inspired work of art. This year we are eager to do it again and engage the community to take part in beautifying and generating new public art.

Iman Abdul-Ali and Skuda Gold are Hyattsville residents and their proposed design has captured the essence of community in a growing and changing environment. The artists’ designs are postcard pictures representing the balance of organic and geometric shapes that incorporate nature and wildlife. The artist’s designs were chosen by juried selection from a pool of 13 submissions. Both artists hold a background in arts in education and on the day of the event will guide residents to help paint a high-quality mural by combining a grid drawing technique to map out the colors by numbers to make painting the mural a fun, collaborative, and interactive experience for the community.

About Hyattsville CDC: is a 501 C (3) non-profit organization. We are professionals, tradesmen, business, owners, artists, longtime and new residents. We work to reverse indifference and blight in the City of Hyattsville and surrounding communities. We recognize Hyattsville’s social, cultural, and material assets, and are committed to harnessing our community’s potential and talents to revitalize the City and neighboring areas. Our board and staff are comprised of Hyattsville residents and local stakeholders.

(Source: Hyattsville CDC press release)