Iranian Artist Jailed for “Insulting” Parliament

By Editorial Team on May 27, 2015

Iranian painter and women’s rights activist Atena Farghadani is on trial again in Tehran for allegedly “insulting” members of Parliament and the Iranian Supreme leader after drawing several Iranian politicians as animals. Farghadani’s cartoon is a response to several bills that would restrict women’s reproductive rights in order to boost the Iranian population. She was also detained in 2014 for her “anti-revolutionary” art exhibition that attracted “deviant sects” of the most persecuted religious minority in Iran, the Baha’i. She was held in confinement without access to her lawyer or family and repeatedly abused by prison guards. Farghadani’s case is common even for a government that claims it does not jail people for their opinions. Read more about the specifics of her case here.

(Actual image of Farghadani’s drawing. Photo pulled from Facebook)