Joshua Reynolds Joins Project Create as New Program Manager for Community Partnerships

By Editorial Team on December 7, 2021
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Richard “Joshua” Reynolds is a Cleveland, Ohio born New Yorker who grew up with a passion for singing. He began to take music seriously in 6th grade while attending the Choir Academy of Harlem. The music bug never left him and he went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Vocal Performance from Boston University in 2011. After completing his undergraduate studies, Reynolds earned a Master’s degree in Arts Administration, also from Boston University in 2013. Since then, he has taught music both in and out of the classroom, sung professionally, and composed original music. As a person who benefitted from arts programming in his youth, Reynolds is excited to nurture and create opportunities for youth to use art as expression and positive self-development.

Project Create asked Josh a few questions…

What’s your favorite musical genre to sing? To listen to?

I love to sing Oratorio the most. I love to listen to rap, and old school RnB the most. My favorite artists include the Jackson 5, the Jacksons, Michael Jackson, Silk Sonic, 8Ball&MJG, Streetlight Manifesto, and pretty much any music by the composers: Leoncavallo, Rossini, Schubert, and Schumann.

When you were a kid, who was your best music teacher?

There was a woman named LaRose Saxon with whom I studied voice. She helped unlock my classical voice in 7th and 8th grade and build confidence in my music in general. She was also the epitome of pure elegance. I’d also mention my youth choir director, Tyrone Patrick. He taught me how to teach music by rote as well as how to arrange and capture the spirit of music and make it more than merely a performance.

If you could go back in time and give advice to the younger version of yourself as an emerging artist, what would it be?

Go for it. And you’re actually good enough. Too often, when you study what you love at a high level, you can have more negative thoughts than positive about your abilities. So I’d definitely encourage myself to go after more gigs and perform more.

Your newborn son is 3 months old. Will you encourage him to pursue the arts?

No, I will encourage him to pursue whatever brings him joy while introducing him to the arts. I hope and pray it’s the arts. Preferably music and his mother is a phenomenal singer and his dad studied. But, I just want him to know he’s safe and supported to be whoever he is.

You worked with Project Create for a short time back in 2015. What are you most excited about, now that you’re back?

I’m most excited about connecting with partners to bring some dynamic art experiences to our community. I remember traveling around the District to various locations with a previous program manager. Watching the classes and seeing how positively our work impacts young people makes the hard work worth it.

(And Project Create Studio Program Manager Shanay Miles’ favorite question:) If you were a food item, what would you be and why?

Red Velvet cake. It’s the perfect comfort dessert, and I believe we all need a little comfort in our lives. To be clear, it would need to be homemade, with cream cheese icing and shaved almonds. It’s best right out of the oven and iced right away or microwaved for about 15 seconds. Just warm goodness.

Please welcome Josh to Project Create when you see him. Josh can be reached at or (240) 200-4083.

(Source: Project Create email)