Lisa Marie Thalhammer’s TOGETHER Women’s Mural Features US Capitol with Rainbow Sky and Crowd

By Editorial Team on October 5, 2021
TOGETHER mural in progress.

Lisa Marie Thalhammer, the creator of The LOVE Mural in Shaw’s Blagden Alley, along with artists she met creating protest art for the Women’s March on Washington, have come TOGETHER to create a new massive mural in Shaw located at 1317 9th Street NW, Washington DC. A signature of Lisa Marie’s work, the mural will feature a 13-color rainbow burst sky-scape as the setting of the US Capitol painted amongst a crowd painted in a sea of color by artist Maggie O’Neill. Walk up to the mural and you’ll be greeted by ivory silhouette figures designed by artist Nia Keturah Calhoun symbolizing important movements such as civil rights, gay liberation, black lives matter and women’s liberation. Combined the mural artwork represents how the Capitol is a symbol of democracy, equity and unity. The mural titled “TOGETHER” is a celebration of peaceful protest and the resilience of the human spirit.

Supported and funded by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities Public Art Building Communities grant program, Shaw Main Streets and Artbox DC, this mural will infuse color, positivity, and uplifting energy into the streets of our nation’s capital for years to come.

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Left to right: Ashley Jaye Williams (painting assistant), Lisa Marie Thalhammer, Nia Keturah Calhoun and Maggie O’Neill

(Source: Artist Press Release)