Local Artists Create Online Sales Platform to Offset Market Cancellations

By Editorial Team on August 18, 2020

Kate Gibney and Divya T. Ahuja are two local artists from Northern Virginia area who have teamed up to keep the arts alive in these challenging times. When the pandemic affected the entire world, the arts and crafting community was among the hardest hit. With craft shows coming to a complete standstill, the two women decided to come up with an alternative for the crafting community to display and sell work.

Image couretesy of Kate Gigney

Gibney and Ahuja have collaborated to build a virtual gallery featuring art created by artists based in the United States. The website “Art at Your Doorstep” will have officially launch on October 1, 2020. The virtual gallery will connect shoppers to the artists’ websites, social media links, or whatever methods the participant chooses. Art at Your Doorstep’s purpose is to keep inspiration and creativity thriving in an online format as physical art markets and fairs are temporarily postponed.

All financial transactions take place between the artist and the buyer. The website will conduct any monetary transactions on behalf of either the artist or the buyer. That said, Art at Your Doorstep will NOT charge commissions of any kind from any sale.  The cost is a nominal subscription fee of $5 per month, per category that you apply for. Once your application gets accepted, the subscription fees will be collected on a quarterly basis.

Art at your Doorstep’s goal is to promote artist’s works though the website via as many channels and technologies as possible including social media, search engine optimization, and other affiliated groups.

You can apply HERE

If you have any questions, the organizers can be reached at artatyourdoorstep2020@gmail.com.

The jury committee consists of the following members:

Kate Gibney
Handcrafted Jewelry and Acrylic Artist

Divya T Ahuja
Jewelry, Resin and Fused Glass Artist
Mystic Lines

(Source: Art at Your Doorstep call and interview)