Metro Micro Gallery Needs a New Space

By Editorial Team on August 20, 2018

We are in a moment where the connection between art, real estate, and the displacement of artists in our community is undeniable.

Simply put: we lost our space, The Metro Micro Gallery, we need a new location.

As a visual artist it has always been important to me to engage the community with visual dialogs. Part of my practice is to show that arts can promote true prosperity and the arts are fundamental to our humanity. As an extension of my studio I had opened a gallery space, and the impact for engagement has been terrific. This outreach developed into mentorships and opportunities for curators and artists in the area.

For me the Metro Micro Gallery was away to help educate the community on the importance of appreciating visual art with bringing art dialogs, visual engagements to the public. It was never about commerce, it is about showcasing, enhancing civic pride and celebrating culturally diversity. In this tiny location we offered opportunities for visual practitioners and curators to work together, to express new ideas and showcase this diversity of the arts.

The gallery needs it’s own spot, a space that we can continue this outreach of paying it forward, to value and build bridges between cultures, and bring us together regardless of ethnicity, religion, or age.

To help fund and find a new space visit,

“Valuing the arts in any community is more than just entertainment or a pass time. It is necessary.”

– Barbara Januszkiewicz

Metro Micro Gallery is committed in creating opportunities that will inspire more creative collaborations and enrich our community. An experimental gallery that encourages creative collaborations and a respect for diversity through inclusive, non-conventional exhibits and showcases. A small space with big mission, the Metro Micro Gallery offers exhibits and programs to strengthen and sustain our community.

Founded on a “pay it forward” philosophy, the gallery gives local, upstart artists and curators the opportunity to exhibit their work and manage an exhibit with the agreement that they pass the opportunity on to someone else in the future. Our exhibits are free to the public and our glass walls allow pedestrians to experience art from afar. We are an experiment. We test what human beings can produce when we nurture a stronger appreciation for creative practitioners in our community through a respectful, inclusive, and collaborative environment.