Remembering Fletcher Mackey, Member of VisArts’ Board of Directors and Artist Advisory Council, Curator & Exhibiting Artist

By Editorial Team on August 2, 2021
Fletcher Mackey. Image provided by VisArts.

VisArts has learned of the passing of Fletcher Mackey, a member of VisArts’ Board of Directors and Artist Advisory Council, and a VisArts curator and exhibiting artist.

Fletcher joined VisArts’ creative community in 2013. He was the first individual that Susan Main, former Gallery Director and Curator and current Curatorial and Gallery Program Consultant, asked to be on VisArts’ Artist Advisory Council. She notes, “Fletcher was my colleague and mentor at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), where he touched both faculty and students with his inspired approach to teaching. He was committed to building community by honoring, respecting, and encouraging students to explore their individual stories, histories, and cultures. He cheerfully insisted that those varied experiences and backgrounds were the seeds for creative practices that make community vibrant and healthy.”

That same year, Main invited Mackey to present Arc, a solo exhibition that, through photography, installation, sculpture, painting, and community conversation, reflected Rockville’s rapidly shifting demographics. She also encouraged him to curate Mixtopias, a group show that explored cultural shifts, personal passages, and tradition.

Main says, “Fletcher’s work set the standard for exploring the history and evolution of Rockville as a community. Although he lived in Baltimore, he immersed himself in Rockville, exploring its diverse neighborhoods, shops, and restaurants. He became an integral part of the community.” She continues, “Fletcher also put his lifelong belief in the value of mentorship into practice by inviting one of his students, Hayoon Jay Lee, to participate in his solo exhibition, giving her the opportunity to strengthen her practice and join the community he was helping to build.”

Mackey was a multidisciplinary and collaborative artist, teacher, advisor, community activist, and passionate advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusivity.

The VisArts community is considering ways to meaningfully honor Mackey’s memory and will announcement soon. VisArts welcomes all those who are interested, to share remembrances by emailing or by tagging @VisArtsCenter on Instagram.

[Source: Edited from a VisArts email]