Riverdale Park Public Art Initiative Announces “Great Blue Herons” Arrival, Unveils Six New Sculptures Across Town

By Editorial Team on January 10, 2018

On behalf of the Riverdale Park Public Art Initiative and through the generous support of the Town of Riverdale Park; former Ward 1 Council member Jonathan Ebbeler; Prince George’s County Department of the Environment; Prince George’s Arts & Humanities Council’s Environmental Public Art Project, the Hyattsville Community Development Corporation is pleased to announce the arrival of “Great Blue Herons” at the intersection of East-West Highway and Route 1 (Baltimore Avenue) at the J.D. Williams Office Building. The long-awaited sculpture arrives along with a new cycle of year-long temporary sculptural placements in time for the holiday season.

“Great Blue Herons”, a sculpture meticulously designed by the late Joanna Campbell Blake, will serve as an environmental meditation for the heavily-trafficked and highly visible intersection of East- West Highway and Route One. The artwork will greet visitors and commuters – of which there are approximately 41,000 daily – to Riverdale Park and adjoining municipalities. It will also evoke the Northeast and Northwest Branches of the Anacostia River, where the sculpture’s avian subjects can be seen in their natural habitat less than a half-mile away. Herons depicts three herons joined with outstretched wings at their tips, forming the international symbol for recycling, atop a tall steel base at the office building’s south lawn.

2018 will mark the Initiative’s second placement of temporary year-long works. This year introduces two new artists’ work to the program:

  1. George Sabra’s provocative environmental jeremiad “Era Gate” at Riverdale Recreation Park
  2. Grant McFarland’s inviting artifice “Asymmetrical Equilibrium” at Riverside Neighborhood Park.

Returning artists’ works include:

  1. Craig Berube-Gray’s ode to resiliency and community outreach, “Sweet-Hearts” at Beale Circle;
  2. Alan Binstock’s aspirational “Totem” along the Rhode Island Ave. Trolley Trail; and
  3. Paul Steinkoenig’s timeless meditation, “In Harmony.”

(via Town of Riverdale Park, Hyattsville Community Development Corporation. Photo courtesy of Town of Riverdale Park, Hyattsville Community Development Corporation.)