Southern Area Aquatics and Recreation Complex Features Permanent Public Art Installations by Local Artists

By Editorial Team on June 7, 2022
The Gardians by Judy Sutton Moore. Image credit: MNCPPC

A brand new facility that opened right before pandemic. It features a Martha Jackson Jarvis piece on the ceiling, a beautiful Heidi Lippman impressionistic mosaic on large entry way wall and an impressive Judy Sutton Moore sculpture out front.

As you arrive at SAARC, you are greeted with the gorgeous trees, beautiful architecture of the building and an intriguing sculpture right out front.

The Guardians sculpture, created by Judy Sutton Moore one of the first things that you will see when you visit SAARC. Moore created the 22-foot steel sculpture using inspiration from the leaf of a 150-year-old willow oak tree that resides on the SAARC site. The 150-year-old willow oak tree that inspired Judy Sutton Moore not only inspired other artworks within SAARC, but it also inspired the overall architecture and design of SAARC’s layout.

As soon as you enter through SAARC’s doors, you are welcomed by Heidi Lippman’s “Waters Promise.” This piece is a 12-foot high and 20-feet wide mosaic wall compromised of thousands of pieces of cut glass varying in color and size. “Waters Promise” is Heidi Lippman’s artistic interpretation of the willow oak tree protected on SAARC’s site.

The “Family Tree/Community Circle” by Martha Jackson Jarvis celebrates the family tree as the essential structural building block of a community. Jarvis’ “Family Tree/Community Center” is a captivating piece with its various colors and fascinating shape that makes you look up at it every time you’re at SAARC.

The Arts at SAARC will blow you away every time you visit the facility.

Southern Area Aquatics and Recreation Complex is located at 13601 Missouri Avenue, Brandywine, MD 20613
(Source: MNCPPC Press Release)