Speaker Filler-Corn Receives Public Leadership in the Arts Award for State Leadership

By Editorial Team on August 18, 2020

ArtsFairfax board member and Virginia Speaker of the House Eileen Filler-Corn accepted the 2019 Public Leadership in the Arts Award for State Arts Leadership presented by Jay Dick, Americans for the Arts, and Tim Storey, National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) in a socially distanced presentation at the ArtsFairfax office. The award recognizes Speaker Filler-Corn’s commitment and leadership in the arts and her role as a state legislator who has consistently advocated for the advancement of pro-arts legislation, funding, and promotion.

“It is so humbling to receive the Public Leadership Service in the Arts Award. Thank you so much for this honor,” said Speaker Filler-Corn. “In my life and for people across the Commonwealth, art stimulates thought about society, represents our interconnectedness, and helps us understand other cultures in – and outside – of our communities. Art is something that spans politics and regions and brings people together all across our Commonwealth. And as your representatives in government, we play an important role in facilitating and funding the arts, ensuring its accessibility for all Virginians.”

Speaker Filler-Corn with the Public Leadership in the Arts Award for State Arts Leadership

Speaker Filler-Corn has been a champion for the arts for over a decade, starting as a local Fairfax County citizen before being elected to the Virginia House of Delegates in 2010. As a community leader, Speaker Filler-Corn has used her voice to educate and advocate for the critical role the arts provides the greater community. In 2011, Speaker Filler-Corn co-founded the state’s first Arts Caucus, where she engaged and educated her colleagues on the arts.

Speaker Filler-Corn is not only a leader in the arts, she but made history this year when she was elected the first female Speaker of the House Democratic Caucus. In her new role, Speaker Filler-Corn continues to advocate for arts funding. She was a proponent of a $250,000 increase for the Virginia Commission for the Arts two years ago and an additional $125,00 increase for this year. Speaker Filler-Corn remains committed to help the VCA achieve its goal of $1 per capita funding.

“Speaker Filler-Corn is a transformative leader who is helping shape the arts across Virginia. She remains steadfast in supporting the arts by consistently using her platform to advocate for arts funding and policy,” said Linda S. Sullivan, President & CEO of ArtsFairfax. “She understands and values the economic benefit of the arts and the connectivity and healing the arts provide. It is a privilege for ArtsFairfax to have Speaker Filler-Corn as a member of our board of directors.”

Read more about the Speaker Filler-Corn’s award at American For the Arts.


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(Source: Arts Fairfax press release)