Spring 2021 Halcyon Incubator Fellows Announced

By Editorial Team on February 1, 2021

Halcyon has announced the 2021 cohort of Incubator fellows. The following social entrepeneurs were selected for their committmt to solving 21st-century challenges throughout the nation and the world.  The fellowship recipients include:

BCRemit (Oliver Calma and Jose Angelo Calma) provides disruptive online money transfer and value-added services. The mission of BCRemit is to leverage technology and a unique business model to give migrant workers a better way to send their love to their families back home.

BackpackEMR (Lori Most) bridges the gap between medical teams and patients in remote areas, particularly crucial during COVID-19’s travel and gathering restrictions. The portable platform facilitates virtual care with remote patient chart reviews, enables home visits, and increases local health workers’ skills and knowledge through peer-to-peer clinician support.

Cureate (Kim Bryden) shifts the dollar back into local communities by building an empowered supply to meet changing consumer demand. They accomplish this mission through procurement, entrepreneurship education, and reimagining the retail experience. Their focus is on the food and beverage industry, which deeply touches all lives, and where there is an immediate need to change how we do business.

HealthOpX (Wesley Ma) is a social determinants of health software startup that helps limited English proficiency patients navigate the healthcare system by partnering with ethnic and community organizations to deliver a sustainable system of patient-centric care.

HealthOpX is this cohort’s Healthworx health care fellow.

Hubly Surgical (Casey Grage and Tyler Panian) is a cranial and orthopedic platform drilling solution. They are focused on modernizing three verticals: bedside intracranial access, elective neurosurgeries, and elective orthopedic surgeries.

Hya Bioplastics (Mark Musiimenta Musinguzi and Dennis Ssekimpi) is a biotech startup that produces biodegradable packaging from re-engineered plant fibers and thermoplastic starch. Their innovative process uses undervalued agricultural waste and cassava starch in addition to the invasive water hyacinth as key raw materials. They create jewelry and interior design features from biomaterial.

No Limbits (Erica Cole) is an adaptive clothing brand that believes that fashion should be accessible for all. With a mission to increase independence, confidence, and comfort in those with disabilities, No Limbits offers ready-to-wear garments explicitly made with their needs in mind.

Tiny Docs (Sunny Williams) is a kid’s companion to better health. Tiny Docs makes health “caretoons”—animated cartoons that teach kids about their health in a fun, relatable, and easy-to-understand way. The content library covers medical procedures, chronic health conditions, and general wellness.

VaxiGlobal (Tsitsi Sifiyali and Integrity Mchechesi) is a vaccination verification service for clinicians who administer vaccines for travel or immigration purposes, utilizing a partnership with Simprints to employ contactless biometrics to verify delivery of vaccines. In addition to the WHO immunization card, digital vaccination certificates are created and embedded in biometric data, which can be scanned as a QR code at border control. The system can also be used by international universities and other institutions requiring proof of vaccination from their international students.

Source: Halycon Newsletter