Terminal Flux: A Site-Specific Drawing by John M. Adams

By Editorial Team on December 14, 2016

Terminal Flux is a site-specific drawing that will be created at the Schlesinger Concert Hall and Arts Center on the Northern Virginia Community College, Alexandria Campus in Virginia. John M. Adams’ site-specific drawings are created on location, for that specific location, and last for a predetermined amount of time before they are painted over/destroyed. In conjunction with the transitory imagery, these aspects of the project offer a metaphor for evolution – moving the viewer through creation, existence, and eventual destruction.

Public support for this campaign will cover the costs of executing the drawing as well as documenting the project through professional video and photography. (A time-lapse video of a previous project expanding on Adams’ concepts and process can be seen here)

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Terminal Flux will be created by drawing with graphite directly on the wall in the atrium adjacent to, and above the entrance to the Schlesinger Center. The drawing will be over 2o feet tall and 30 feet wide and features challenging architectural elements to work upon. This will be Adams’ largest site-specific drawing to date. He will create the drawing between January 9 and 20, 2017. A time-lapse video will be created to document the entire process start to finish in addition to high-quality photographs of the finished drawing. The drawing will be on display for approximately one year where it will be seen by thousands of visitors who attend concerts and art exhibitions at the Schlesinger Center, in addition to the Northern Virginia Community College students.

Adams has completed over a dozen site-specific drawings in the Washington, DC/Baltimore area; documentation from most of the projects can be found on my website. He is the first artist asked to create a site-specific artwork at the Schlesinger Center.

Adams needs your support to fund the expenses for this project. It’s important to note that 62% of the budget will be used to pay arts professionals in the community for their contributions to the project which include photographic and video documentation as well as skilled labor for the install.  This is by far the largest component of the budget. Your contribution doesn’t just support Adams, it supports five (or more) artists.

The budget of $4,250 covers the following:

  • Consumable Materials, 12%: This includes graphite, erasers, tape, plastic sheeting, armature materials for spray booth, safety equipment (respirators and replacement cartridges, Tyvek suits, goggles, etc), fasteners, dropcloths, sealant, and more.
  • Assistants/Labor, 35%: I will work with paid assistants who will help with essential aspects of the process I can not execute alone, including but not limited to transportation, site-preparation (cleaning and masking), material preparation, tenting/sealing the drawing, clean up, and social media communication. (This expense supports additional professional artists in the DC area).
  • Time-lapse Video Production, 21%: I’m hiring a pair of experienced photographers/videographers to create a time-lapse video (this expense supports additional artists in the DC area.)
  • Photographic Documentation, 6%: I’m hiring an additional professional photographer who is an expert in documenting artwork to create still photographs of the finished installation, which will also be used for some of the rewards (this expense supports a professional photographer in the DC area).
  • Rewards Production, 16%: This covers the cost of having archival photographic prints made, material costs for study drawings, postcards, packing materials for shipping, etc.
  • Kickstarter and Credit Card fees 10%: Kickstarter charges a 5% fee for all successful projects and credit card charges will range between 3%-5% on top of this. I have budgeted for the highest possible fees.

Northern Virginia Community College/Schlesinger Arts Center is not providing any funds as they currently do not have a budget for exhibitions or special projects. NVCC will be providing Adams with necessary equipment to access the space (cherrypicker, ladders etc.), which eliminates costly equipment rentals.

Risks and challenges
Since offered the opportunity earlier this year, Adams has been planning the drawing; including working out the logistics with representatives from NVCC. It is a challenging site because of the height and width of the atrium with no direct access to the area where the drawing will be located. He has come up with a plan using existing equipment, which will cut out expensive rental fees. He has built in several additional days during the install period in case they run into any problems and have accounted for this in the allocation for the cost of assistants. Adams is completely dedicated to the success of this project and it will be completed regardless. Since the end of the campaign is close to the beginning of the install he’s ready to self-fund the purchase of materials until the money is transferred to him from Kickstarter; which takes about two weeks after the last day of the campaign. His previous experience creating site-specific work speaks to his ability to follow through and succeed. You can view previous site-specific projects here: https://thefullempty.com/section/47058-Site-Specific-Drawing.html

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(via John M. Adams. Photo of Adams working on Equilibrium, a site-specific drawing created in September 2015 at McLean Project for the Arts.)