The Parabolic Monolith Iridium is on view at James Monroe Park in Northwest DC through early 2022

By Editorial Team on June 21, 2021

Tephra Institute of Contemporary Art (Tephra ICA) presents the Parabolic Monolith Iridium, a public sculpture by light and space artist Gisela Colón. The sculpture is located at the top of James Monroe Park in Washington, DC, steps away from the National Mall, the White House, and the Renwick Gallery. It is on view now through early 2022, and this is the first public sculpture by the artist in the Washington, DC metropolitan region.

This project is sponsored by Leidos and CPJ Associates and is presented in partnership with the Golden Triangle BID.

Gisela Colón, Parabolic Monolith Iridium, 2018.  Image courtesy Tephra ICA.

Gisela Colón (b. 1966) is known for her light-activated sculptures that feature little to no edges, lines, or place for the viewer to rest their eye, nodding towards an energy of constant fluctuation and growth. Made from carbon fiber material using advanced aerospace technology, the “Monolith” is a light-weight yet durable object, both from this earth and not of this earth, birthed from a symbiosis of high art and physical science.

This project paired with Colón’s solo exhibition, Quantum Shift, currently on view at Tephra ICA through June 27th, is representative of this moment in time when there is a shift in human awareness, marking a new era of discovery.

Visit the Parabolic Monolith Iridium sculpture and the Quantum Shift exhibition to experience a synergistic shift of form, color, movement, and time.