Albus Cavus Community Outreach Tonight at 6PM

By Editorial Team on September 30, 2010

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Tonight at 6pm at the Freezer 633 E ST Rear Alley

Albus Cavus Temporium
Students from Albus Cavus decorating the Temporium (Photo Courtesy of Albus Cavus)
Albus Cavus students decorating the Temporium on H ST NE (photo Courtesy of Albus Cavus)
Albus Cavus, the group that brought you the mustache mural, the decorations at the temporium and the “give me a vote” hand statues , is asking the community for its help with their upcoming campaign to promote their next semester of classes.
The Spring 2010 Classrooms were above their expectations and many have been expressing an increased interest in taking more of them. Albus Cavus has good news to share. The schedule for Spring 2011 is nearly finalized and they would like to involve you (the community at lartge) in the next step which will include fundraising efforts, community outreach and managing individual workshops.

Join Albus Cavus for DC Volunteer Orientation, Tonight, Thursday, September 30 at 6pm in our workspace The Freezer located at 633 E Street SE (rear alley) which is within walking distance from Eastern Market Metro. Please RSVP here.