Arlington Arts Center Hosts SOLOS 2022 Artist Talk

By Editorial Team on May 2, 2022
Ju Yun, Where You Belong, 2021
Talk: Saturday, May 7 from 1pm to 2:30pm


Join AAC for the first of two artist talks taking place as part of SOLOS 2022, on view at Arlington Arts Center through June 18. The program on May 7 will take place in the galleries and feature artist talks by Kyrae Dawaun, Danni O’Brien, and Ju Yun. Each talk will be followed by a Q & A, giving visitors an opportunity to talk directly with the artists.

Registration is required and attendees will be asked to wear masks during the talks. A second event, taking place on May 21, will feature artist talks with Alexander D’Agostino, Marisa Stratton, and Sharon Shapiro.

About the exhibitions:
Kyrae Dawaun: Cursing the Very God (…)
In Cursing the Very God (…), Kyrae Dawaun explores the ideologies that shape social and political structures in the United States, including an embrace of hierarchy, individualism, and patriarchy and a refusal of humility and cooperation. His paintings and sculptures incorporate visual symbols and references drawn from art, architecture, and popular culture. The artist’s interpretation of this imagery provides a visual entryway into his multifaceted interests, including his interest in religious faith and the ideologies that accompany monotheism.

Danni O’Brien: Glow Up
In Glow Up, Danni O’Brien explores mending, conspicuous consumption, and the lives of old night lights. Fascinated by societal and consumerist detritus, O’Brien scavenges found, discarded objects and allows their raw forms to direct her practice. The resulting mixed media sculptures and relief wall works show reverence for low-brow, craft, and home improvement materials and meld nostalgic tendencies with dystopian fantasies.

Ju Yun: East Meets West
In recent mixed media works, Ju Yun examines the visual culture of her native Korea to understand her own relationship to it and her connection to her previous home and past life. Combining references to traditional Korean mask dance, as well as contemporary popular culture, Ju Yun explores her own hybrid cultural identity through works that are bright, engaging, and often humorous.

Arlington Arts Center is located at 3550 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA.