Athenaeum Gallery Presents Joan Mayfield and Ruth Trevarrow Woodcuts

By Editorial Team on October 11, 2022

Sun, 16 October 2022 — Sun, 13 November 2022

Joan Mayfield, Bark (detail), found wood, 28” x 32”
Artist Reception: Sunday, October 16 from 4pm to 6pm
Artist Talk: Sunday, November 13 at 2pm

Woodcuts is a mixed-media exhibition that focuses on different types of wood, how we view it, and its transformative properties as part of nature. Mayfield and Trevarrow came up with the concept for the show because they saw a lot of affinity for their individual work as a commonality in their practices. Mayfield’s work showcases materials in their original condition, without being painted or treated. There is a need to emphasize how the wood adds to the beauty of things that may go unnoticed, like a rust stain on a shingle or an old banister that reveals various colors of peeling paint. Mayfield was inspired by materials found near her summer house in Boothbay Harbor, Maine for this exhibit. Trevarrow’s artwork is centered on the detailed printmaking of a variety of tree rings. Her work entails making charcoal rubbings on the actual rings, which were used for the large prints. Some stencils are inspired by things like a piece of sycamore bark or an almost topographical map of a piece of mulch. Both artists work with an innate sense of attention to detail when it comes to their materials, natural surroundings, and medium. Their artworks ask the viewer to consider how a natural material, such as wood can be malleable and therefore evolve and transform due to how we as humans, choose to work with it, see it and value it.

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