Brentwood Arts Exchange Presents What Does It Mean to Live in a Body

By Editorial Team on May 30, 2023
Paula Dünner, La vida de las formas 6
Artist and Curator Talk: Saturday, June 3 at 2pm 

Brentwood Arts Exchange announces What Does It Mean to Live in a Body, an exhibition curated by Ana Beatriz Garcia and Su Hyun Kim and featuring the visually stunning work of three artists: Paula Dünner, Karen Pazán, and Ileana Rincón-Cañas.

(…) maybe in our bodies there’s a whole world of mythology? Maybe there exists some sort of reflection of the great and the small, the human body joining within itself everything with everything – stories and heroes, gods and animals, the order of plants and the harmony of minerals? ― Olga Tokarczuk, Flights

The one place we will live for the whole duration of our lives is our body. It contains us, it endures so much for us, and in a way sets the stage for our lives. We analyze three artists who look closer into what our bodies can mean for them.

Karen Pazán (Ecuador) sees the body as a tool that carries our heritance. But what kind of history are we carrying in it? Are the tales that we are told, the whole story, or should we question it? She investigates her identity as a Latin American, inquiring more about her mixed heritage.

Ileana Rincón-Cañas (Venezuela) acknowledges that the body can carry trauma and fear. Especially her series “I am not an object,” focuses on her experience as a woman and living in a woman’s body in our society. Nevertheless, her works always gives us hope – once you carefully study her pieces you see the optimism covered in the artist’s courage.

Paula Dünner (Chile) explores what our bodies are made of. Through what she describes as a meditative process of painting, she finds a whole other universe that resides within us.

What Does It Mean to Live in a Body runs from May 8, 2023, through June 17, 2023 with an Opening Reception on Saturday, May 13, from 5 – 8 pm and an Artist and Curator Talk on Saturday, June 3, 2023 from 2-4 pm.