Brentwood Arts Exchange | Chosen Family and The Genesis Project: Volume 3 Artist and Curator Talk

By East City Art Editorial Team on February 12, 2024
The Genesis Project: Volume 3, installation view
Talk: Saturday, February 17 at 2pm

Join Brentwood Arts Exchange on Saturday, February 17, 2024, at 2pm for a two-part Artist and Curator Talk on the current exhibitions, Chosen Family, in the Main Gallery and The Genesis Project: Volume 3 in the Lab Gallery.

Chosen Family, curated by Dr. Lauren Davidson, includes the work of three sets of emerging African American artists who are also close friends: Omari Jesse, Bria Edwards, and Olivia Bruce; Wesley Clark and Rodney “Buck!” Herring; Austin Auz Miles and Angelique Scott. What makes these friendships unique? How have their artistic practices influenced each other? How do artists support each other in a challenging industry? The talk will explore these questions and more.

The Genesis Project: Volume 3, features artists Erwin Timmers and Ellyn Weiss in the Lab Gallery. The talk will explore their approach to the collaboration on the gallery walls, and the processes of building off past “Volumes.” “The Genesis Project,” an ambitious, year-long collaborative wall exhibition, features a group of 10 artists who have been selected by many of the visual art stakeholders in the Gateway Arts District, including Portico Gallery, Washington Glass School, Otis Street Art Project/Behind the tracks Studios, and the Gateway Arts Center.