The Byrne Gallery Presents Christine Olmstead and Marta Staudinger Coalesce

By Editorial Team on October 15, 2018
Courtesy of The Byrne Gallery.
Artist Talk: Saturday, October 20 from 2pm to 6pm

The Byrne Gallery is proud to present Coalesce, an exhibition of expressive abstract paintings by Christine Olmstead and Marta Staudinger. The exhibit will begin on October 4th and continues through Sunday, November 3rd.

Color is so important when expressing mood and one’s outlook. Instinctively we select certain colors to populate our lives. Intensity is conveyed by hue and depth of tone. These two artists have chosen a consistent palette in which to work the color way of this exhibition. They are in unison and synergy in their thoughts evoking a special place, locale or feeling. The creation of the body of work for this exposition was given much thoughtful and mindful attention so that the paintings are in sync with a special tranquility. This coming together is a meeting of the mind and spirit that will lift and inspire the viewer to enjoy and relish the beauty around us in our daily lives.

Christine Olmstead shares her concept for the show as follows, “When you look at my paintings I want you to feel at peace, calmed, and hopeful. I want my viewers to know that there is still beauty left in the world, and I hope to inspire others to find beauty in their ordinary lives.” Marta Staudinger finishes this statement by saying that “I seek to achieve a balance between conceptual ideologies that intrigue me such as the historiography of certain art movements and post-production; raw material; genuine artistic expression; and visual elements from artists in my self-curated genealogical tree such as Antoni Tàpies, Rothko and Barnett Newman.”

“We have worked together in multiple fine art and commercial capacities over the past year and are inspired by each other’s artworks and artistic process. In limiting our color palette and closely discussing the vulnerabilities, transformations, difficulties and happy mistakes that naturally arise during our artistic practices, we are excited to deeper connect our experiences and explore coalesce.”

Christine Olmstead is an abstract artist whose work has exploded in the last three years. With many exhibitions and collectors and corporations, including West Elm, Marriott Hotels, and tech companies in San Francisco seeking exclusive contracts and custom commissions, Christine sells originals and prints worldwide and is always happy to welcome new collectors into her brand family.

Christine has been painting and drawing several days a week since she was 18 months old. Her journey has taken her from abstraction in childhood, to hyperrealism in middle school through college, mastering various mediums, and back to abstraction in her adult life and professional career.

Christine’s goal with all her works are to bring balance and peace into the lives of her viewers. “Beauty is all around, peace is always present, choose them, seek them.”

Marta Staudinger is an Independent Curator and Artist. She is also an Art Professional in some of the most prominent art historical institutions including the National Bargello Museum in Florence Italy, the Antoni Tàpies Foundation in Barcelona, Spain, the Art Museum of the Americas and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. Throughout her time working in institutions, she has maintained an artist practice which has included apprenticing with professional painters and sharing her creative voice with the multiple cultures in which she has lived.

Marta divides her time wearing multiple hats as an Art Consultant, Curator, Gallerist, Artist & Art Historian. She owns + directs the Latela Art & Curatorial Consultancy in Washington, DC and also travels regularly for curatorial projects + to lecture in Italy, Portugal and Spain as a Smithsonian Journeys Expert.

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