Cody Gallery | David Carlson & Chee Keong Kung Intersection

By East City Art Editorial Team on November 13, 2023
David Carlson, Verse Sessions, 2023, Acrylic on Canvas, 48 x 48 in
Artist Talk: Thursday, November 16 from 4-5pm
Opening Reception: Friday, November 17 from 5-7pm

Exhibition & Artist Talk Description:
“Intersection” brings together David Carlson’s abstract paintings on canvas with Chee Keong Kung’s metal and mixed media sculptures and installation. Both artists push and pull space and time with arching forms that have an exquisite malleability and grace. Geometric compositions are embedded with a rhythmical energy. Both artists create an abstract narrative of bold gestures, subtle transitions, and integrity of materials and process. Layers, shadows, textures, and form are delicately and thoughtfully integrated into the work and create endless pathways to uncover hidden meaning.

Carlson’s paintings utilize process, structure and chance, and interweave memory, spirit, and perception. Wide bands of white wash blanket complex pathways of shape, form, and line. The contrasting textures and saturation create a pathway of time and memory in a complex and playful interaction. Interactions are inescapable to being. Everything is a constant form of relationship. I borrow from experiential memories of the natural world, human environment and things unseen. When I was younger the realization came if I could truly understand oneself with no agenda, I would be on the pathway to comprehending all things. – David Carlson

Kung draws inspiration from perspective, geometry, architecture, rhythmical structure, and the space in between opposing things such as clarity and ambiguity. The integrity of his materials and fabrication provide a solid foundation to weave a poetic spatial experience. Memory, the unconscious, & experience of moving through our physical & cultural environments are the building blocks of my practice. Images and objects can trigger reverberations at different depths within the psyche, recalling memories from years ago or fresh episodes from last week. For me, recollections of growing up in Singapore–Taoist burnt offerings & torrential tropical storms–often well up while working in the studio. – Chee Keong Kung

David Carlson’s complex, abstract paintings have a unifying, spiritual quality. His work delves into the intersections of time, energy, composition, and unknown circumstance. His work is represented in numerous collections; both private and corporate, national and international. Carlson engaged in artist exchanges with Central Asia, West and North Africa and Europe. His solo exhibitions include Riverviews Arts Space (Lynchburg, VA), Black Mountain Center for the Arts (Black Mountain, NC), Fred Schnider Gallery (Arlington, VA), McLean Project for the Arts (McLean, VA), Cohn Drennan Contemporary (Dallas, TX), VIAP Galerie (Heerlen, Netherlands), Korean Embassy Cultural Service (Washington D.C.), Yunnan Art Institute (Kunming, China), Dakar Bienale 2000 (Dakar, Senegal). Carlson was born in Champaign, Illinois and grew up in Illinois, Ohio and Kentucky. He has taught for Marymount University, MOCA Arlington, MPA and the Art League. He lives and works in Arlington, VA.

Geometry and gestural mark-making are integral to Kung’s practice rooted in his training in art and architecture. Kung grew up in Singapore, where the rich diversity of cultures has indelibly shaped his approach to artmaking. He works with an evolving vocabulary informed by our cultural and built environments. Kung is interested in the emotive resonance that grows out of the act of intent seeing and remembering. His process relies on discovery and invention while navigating the spaces between light and shadow, depth and flatness, and motion and stillness. Chee Keong Kung’s works are in private, corporate, and institutional collections, including The National Museum Art Gallery of Singapore and The DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. Born in Singapore, Kung studied art & architecture at the University of Houston and real estate at Cornell University. He lives and works in McLean, VA.

Cody Gallery, Marymount University
1000 N Glebe Road, 2nd Floor, Arlington, VA 22201