Congressional Cemetery Hosts Artist James Delaney

By Editorial Team on April 9, 2019
Courtesy of Congressional Cemetery.
Meet the Artist: Thursday, April 11 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Meet South African artist James Delaney, and view his limited edition K9 and cemetery inspired lithographs. Wine and Cheese included! Free reception, one night only.

In this series of lithographs, artist James Delaney contrasts the grand gravestones in Washington DC’s historic Congressional Cemetery with the dogs which run there every day.

By putting the dogs first, Delaney reflects what the Congressional Cemetery has become – a living place in the center of a busy city, where people walk their dogs. He has raised the subject matter to the level of metaphor; the dog represents the most honest form of loyalty, against the backdrop of a place where people come to honor and show loyalty to ancestors and family.

Through his treatment of the gravestones they become monumentalized in the way of Greek and Roman temples, layering time back to the ancients and their representations of death, burial and different worlds. By raising the headstones from the landscape and reimagining them, Delaney creates new landscapes.

However, the backgrounds are muted, all in a similar monochromatic scale, which both softens the idea of death and draws the viewer in to make out the details they contain.

But throughout the series, the charcoal drawings of the dog remain the focus, keeping the viewer in the present tense. The variety of representations of the dog builds a sense of evolution from puppy to adulthood, and connects each piece in the series.

Congressional Cemetery is located at 1801 E St. SE.