Jackson Art Center Hosts an Artist Talk with Xenia Gray

By Editorial Team on December 5, 2022
Courtesy of Jackson Art Center.
Talk: Sunday, December 11 at 2pm

Burgeoning painter Xenia Gray will discuss her work in front of a live audience at the Jackson Art Center, a haven for the arts in the heart of Georgetown. Xenia will show examples of her work, explain the emotions and experiences that drive and inspire her melancholic and deeply personal style and describe how the first spark of inspiration grows into the final work of art – a process Xenia refers to as “The Gap.” Born, raised and educated in Russia, Xenia will also touch on the profound personal impact of the war in Ukraine and how she channels her emotions onto the canvas.

Xenia Gray is a contemporary figurative artist who primarily works in oil, acrylic and charcoal. Originally from Siberia, Russia, Xenia lives and works in Washington DC.

Jackson Art Center is located at 3050 R St NW.