DC Arts Center Presents A Day Before

By Editorial Team on March 22, 2016

Fri, 25 March 2016 - Sun, 24 April 2016

Photo courtesy of DCAC.
Photo courtesy of DCAC.


Opening Reception: Friday, March 25 from 7pm to 9pm


Artist Talk/Closing Reception: Sunday, April 24 at 5pm

A Day Before is a solo show of paintings completed over the past eight months by Hannah Knight Leighton and curated by Maura Callahan. Leighton believes that painting is a translation of reality. You inhale experience, reactions, and exhale color, shape, and form. Opaque shapes laid over translucent pockets create a stimulating undertone…

Leighton is an artist living and working in Baltimore, MD. She received her BFA last May from the Maryland Institute College of Art. (2015) Upon graduating college, Leighton spent a month at Green Olive Arts in Morocco where she studied painting. Post travels, she moved into an artist community where she has co-founded and directs Ballroom Gallery.

“Each day begins like the day before. Like all of us, I fall prey to planned agendas, prior obligations and the insistent will to get stuff done. Before collapsing into bed each night, I hope to have knocked a few of those items off of the to-do list. When I reach the time allotted for ‘studio’ and I am face-to-face with a blank canvas, a surge of excitement engulfs me. The possibility of what could happen in the studio is exhilarating. Unlike mundane tasks and chores, painting is an assertion of freedom and independence- a time when solitude expands into a realm so great that a new beginning emerges. Phillip Guston once said, ‘When you start working, everybody is in your studio-the past, your friends, enemies, the art world, and above all, your own ideas- all are there. But as you continue painting, they start leaving, one by one, and you are left completely alone. Then if you are lucky, even you leave.’ Sharp edges and overlapping shapes lead to place of earnest self discovery. I hope my paintings leave viewers with a sense of curiosity and wonder.”
-Hannah Leighton, 2016

Gallery Hours:

  • Wednesdays – Sundays: 2 to 7 pm

All events are free and open to the public and are at DC Arts Center (DCAC), 2438 18th Street NW. For more information call 202-462- 7833, email info@dcartscenter.org, or visit www.dcartscenter.org.