DC Arts Center Presents The Drawing Board

By Editorial Team on January 12, 2016

Fri, 15 January 2016 - Sun, 14 February 2016

Photo courtesy of DCAC.
Photo courtesy of DCAC.


Artist Talk and Reception: Friday, January 15 from 7pm to 9pm


Drawings by Abraham Ferraro, Allison Malinsky, Andrew Johnson, Charmaine Ortiz, Claudia Sbrissa, Cody VanderKaay, Cori Champagne, Dylan Collins, Edward Smith, Emily Francisco, Jason Manley, Katie Hovencamp, Nicole Lenzi, Ryan Sarah Murphy, Shelley Picot, Susan Meyer, Susi Cora, William Vannerson.

Artists are sponges soaking up the information around them. This information can linger for moments or years until the creative mind has a moment of Illumination. The conscious and subconscious create the “eureka!” moment that we all strive for. But the work is not complete yet; it needs verification and documentation. “Can this idea work?”

For most artists, the second step involves pen and paper. When sculptors have a moment of illumination, the idea is often illustrated in order to view their idea in tangible form. For some, this means frantically scribbling shapes on the nearest scrap of paper. For others, it involves more contemplation and decision-making, becoming blueprints and schematics. Sometimes the drawing itself may even become a separate project.

These drawings are rarely meant to be viewed by others, but provide great insight into the artist’s process rather than the product itself.

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