DCAC’s Main Gallery Presents George Lorio & Martina Loncar GROWTH

By East City Art Editorial Team on January 17, 2023

Fri, January 13 2023 — Sun, February 5 2023

Courtesy of DCAC.
Artist Talk: Saturday, January 28 at 3pm
Closing Reception: Sunday, February 5 at 6pm


GEORGE LORIOI am fascinated by found matter; following that inclination, I am presently using twigs from neighboring gardens and parks to construct fictions of trees, stumps, and logs; they are not renderings but reinterpretations of living forms. I use a narrative of social concern to engage dialogue. My sculptures convey my comments on ecological destruction and renewal; they present the value of nature’s provision of trees as they are the source for human shelter, oxygen, avian refuge, air pollution mitigation, carbon capture, limitation of soil erosion, and city cooling via the arboreal canopy. These are by-products of photo-synthesis: climate restoration through the normal life cycle of trees.

Fallen branches and twigs are fragments of trees and are ephemeral. Constructing a sculpture alluding to a living tree with these waste pieces (relics) is a form of incantation-a poetic activity. An antidote to contemporary land development which promotes tree removal and appears to care more for denuding the landscape of trees in favor of barren parking lots and massive concrete and glass structures which are impervious to seed penetration. In each of the submitted works, I sought to meditate on their function and beauty in the forest environment.

MARTINA LONCARThis body of work combines drawing, paper-cutting, and collage to examine how trees and humans are connected to their environments through deep-rooted networks of care. Specifically, my work uses the quiet interdependency of root systems as a model for how humans may treat each other through grief, suffering, and hardship. I am fascinated by trees due to their tendency to live in communities and support one another underground. I draw parallels between trees and humans in order to reveal one’s connection to, and responsibility for, others.

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