(e)merge Announces Panel Discussions and Performances/Art Actions

By East City Art Editorial Team on September 25, 2013
Andrew Wodzianski, "Self Portrait as Jack Torrence", 2013, performance. Photo courtesy of (e)merge arts fair.
Andrew Wodzianski, “Self Portrait as Jack Torrence”, 2013, performance. Photo courtesy of (e)merge arts fair.
Event: Thursday, October 3rd through October 6th

Panel Discussions Presented by The Washington Post:

Connect: Artists + Community on Friday, October 4 at 2pm in the Capitol Skyline Hotel: Room 1
This conversation with national arts leaders explores how artists build communities to support themselves in their work. Moderator: Silvana Straw, Artist/Cultural Organizer/Philanthropic Advisor (Washington, DC); Panelists include: Margaret Boozer, Director, Red Dirt Studios (Washington, DC); Ryan Frank, Installation Manager, The Wassaic Project, (Wassaic); James McAnally, artistic collaborator, US English, and Co-Director, The Luminary (St. Louis); and Abigail Satinsky, Associate Director, Threewalls (Chicago). Produced in collaboration with the Transformer FRAMEWORK Panel series.

Collect: Emerging Art on Saturday, October 5 at 2pm in the Capitol Skyline Hotel: Room 1
Institutional and private perspectives inform this discussion on collecting works by emerging artists. Moderator: Klaus Ottmann, Director of the Center for the Study of Modern Art and Curator at Large, The Phillips Collection (Washington, DC) Panelists include: Marina Galvani, Curator, the World Bank Art Program (Washington, DC); Tony Podesta, collector (Washington, DC) and Mika Yoshitake, Assistant Curator, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden (Washington, DC).

Previous Panels:
2010-2012 (e)merge panel discussion archive is now available for download here

2013 Performances and Art Actions:
For full schedule of Onsite Performances and Art Actions click here

  • Benjamin Andrew – Chronoecology Corps
    The artist creates a narrative in which time-traveling scientists from the 23rd-century operate a field station to collect and study the natural world before it disappears. Presenting interactive simulations of natural phenomena, they conduct participatory research at the fair, collecting visitor interviews to be added to an online memory bank.
  • Holly Bass – Revival
    This performance brings together folks from all walks of life in a shared celebration of community and rejuvenation. Borrowing elements of early church traditions, Revival will include live music, collective singing and spoken word as well as personal “art testimonies” by guest artists and community members.
  • Armando Lopez Bircann – Animals + Fire – ARLOBI – Emerge 2013 Mix
    The artist will present a collection of multimedia, ceremonial performances. These works play with the formats of performance, the ritualization of self-portraiture, and the activation of performative sculptures.
  • Monica Jahan Bose – Unwrapped
    The artist will wrap and unwrap her body with a 216-foot sari inscribed with writing by women from her grandmother’s village in Bangladesh. Drawing inspiration from the Indian myth of Draupadi, the eternal virgin who was married to five brothers, as well as her grandmother’s factual marriage at age seven, the artist’s performance speaks to the rights of women for education and autonomy over their own bodies.
  • Alex Braden – Outside and Play
    Positioned throughout the parking garage and wearing headphones, several musicians, who have never rehearsed together, will play along to a recording of the artist’s composition, which is publicly available for prior download at www.alexanderbraden.com. As the musicians begin to play their parts in isolation, visitors may press “play” on their own digital audio players, then roam through the garage with their headphones on, listening to a dynamic blend of recorded music and live performance.
  • Nancy Daly – #LookingForLove
    Monitoring social media over the four days of the fair, the artist progressively creates a large sculpture consisting of nautical knots known as “monkey paws.” Every time someone uses the hashtag #LookingForLove, she will add another knot to the sculpture.
  • Double A Projects (Athena Robles and Anna Stein) – PROJECT MICRO-FLOAT
    Using practices from microfinance, pledge giving, crowdfunding, IOUs and other alternative strategies, this public art action launches a social campaign for artists and arts supporters to explore concepts of self-worth and financial networking. Visitors can browse artist projects that need funding, cast their free vote to float a project, and symbolically pledge to support a lending circle, a cause they believe in, or the cultural arena as a whole.
  • Linda Hesh – Kissing Booth
    Visitors are invited to pose for a photo portrait kissing their choice of friend, lover or spouse while surrounded by photos displaying two men or two women. Participants may upload their own photos, or pose for the artist, to join an ongoing online conversation about what feelings are elicited by same sex affection.
  • Benoit Izard “BIZARD” – Animals + Fire – KISSERS
    Two anonymous nude persons are sealed in a kissing position by a double head mask. Kissing and hugging continuously for one hour, the performers reduce their action to nothing but a presence, which manifests between them and their viewers.
  • Kirsty Little – Overload
    This trapeze-inspired performance aims to capture the feeling of a modern phenomenon, thecultural fascination of wanting it all and the rush to the top of what may seem to be a precarious ladder. Amid too much information, too much expectation, and too little time, the artist asks if we ever get to the end of our to-do list and considers whether this is what we really desire.
  • Flore de Preneuf – When We First Met
    In this interactive installation, the artist bends the patient practice of street photography into a time- and place- bound format. Two backdrops – one interior, one exterior – will provide the setting for photographic encounters with her audience mediated through an old-fashioned view camera.
  • Sheldon Scott – Animals + Fire – Victory
    This performance explores the acceptance of hollow victories. Based on the large-scale installation, Level With Me, Victory is informed by the cyclical nature of systems of inequality.
  • Paul Shortt – The Legitimate Artist
    The artist will carry an enlarged replica of his Master of Fine Arts diploma around the fair as he interacts with attendees. Posing for pictures and declaring his qualifications as a legitimate artist, Shortt enacts a critique of artistic credentialing, thereby calling into question the categories of amateur and professional art.
  • Andrew Wodzianski – Self Portrait as Jack Torrance
    In this endurance-based performance, the artist replicates the obsession of Stephen King’s protagonist/antagonist in The Shining. Repetitively typing a prescriptive proverb inside the hotel lobby, the artist, acting as Jack Torrance, is condemned to artistic failure.
  • Borjana Ventzislavova – 15 Min. Rest
    Visitors are invited to rest and read passages from the U.S. Constitution in a bedroom set up in a public area. Participants will receive Polaroid photos taken of them by the artist, as their actions prompt consideration about whether the Constitution has contemporary relevance beyond that of a bedtime story or a dream.
  • Adam Void and Chelsea Ragan – Freedom Is Not For Sale
    This active installation explores traveling cultures, makeshift homesteads, and life “off the grid.” This folk-art Wunderkammer highlights the beautiful struggle of life on the road by coupling handcrafted treasures with found oddities.

2013 Special Projects


Blink Media Art on October 3 to 6 from 12pm to 7pm at Capitol Skyline Hotel – Video lounge Room 4
Presenting 7 video artists in rotation daily: Mel Brimfield (United Kingdom), Stefan Constantinescu (Romania), Dennis Feser/Karin Then (Germany), Romeo Grünfelder (Germany), Julia Charlotte Richter (Germany), Susanna Wallin (Sweden/United Kingdom).

Emerging Cuisine:
Chef Skiz Fernandez will serve Sri Lankan food at the Lapidus Resturant during fair hours.

Emerging Music on OCTOBER 3 from 9pm to 11pm
Concert by the Pool with MIAMOUNA YOUSSEF (live set) and John Thornley of U.S. Royalty (DJ set)


  • 5pm – 7pm / (e)merge VIP & Press Preview. By invitation only.
  • 9pm – 11pm / Concert by the Pool with MIAMOUNA YOUSSEF (live set) and John Thornley of U.S. Royalty (DJ set)
  • Admission is $35 advance purchase, $50 at the door.

To purchase tickets: click here.

  • Friday, October 4: 12pm – 7pm; Students with valid ID free: 12pm – 3pm
  • Saturday, October 5: 12pm – 7pm
  • Sunday, October 6: 12pm – 5pm
  • Daily admission is $15; $10 for Seniors and Students with valid ID.

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  • Presenting Sponsor: The Washington Post
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(e)merge art fair is located at the Capitol Skyline Hotel at 10 I Street, SW. For more information visit www.emergeartfair.com.