Foundry Gallery Hosts an Artist Talk with Brian Truesdale

By Editorial Team on February 22, 2017
Brian Truesdale, Court Jester Auditions, 48x48, acrylic on canvas. Courtesy of Foundry Gallery.
Brian Truesdale, Court Jester Auditions, 48×48, acrylic on canvas. Courtesy of Foundry Gallery.


Artist Talk: Saturday, February 25 from 4pm to 5pm


To read about Brian’s current exhibition, click here.

Brian Truesdale’s recent paintings can be seen on display as part of this month’s exhibit of work by new Foundry Gallery members.

Truesdale’s bold, risky work is characterized by dense layers of color and spontaneous drawing. The paintings are dark but leavened with severe humor, from the claustrophobic Crusoe Has Gone Missing to Court Jester Auditions, which one observer described as a cat separated from its smile.

“What excites me about abstract art is the freedom of composition and the immediacy of the viewer’s response,” Brian says. “There are no defined limits to the work’s subject. I’m very interested in the tactile process of drawing and mark-making, the details of which are the substance of my paintings. My talk will provide insight into this creative process.”

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