Foundry Gallery Presents Courtney Applequist Moment of Interrogation

By Editorial Team on October 4, 2021

Fri, 01 October 2021 - Sun, 31 October 2021

Portrait 1 – 98 x 102 – charcoal on cardboard
On view: October 1-31
Closing reception: Friday, October 30 from  5 – 8 pm


Courtney Applequist’s new show is a project done in a period of admiration, reciprocity and humanity in response to the pandemic.  In a departure from painting, the work includes wall-size drawings on repurposed cardboard, paper sculpture and video.

“For the past eight months, I have been working on a collaborative social art project, Taxonomy of Breathing, that investigates our current societal moment through the lens of breath.  Police brutality, smoke & wildfire, COVID attacking the lungs — breath connects them all; and in following the thread of breath through spiritual and healing practices, we discovered a platform of connection across cultural boundaries to listen and to heal.

During the research for this project, I had the privilege of engaging in dialogue with a number of women, starting with the topic of ‘breath,’ leading to unexpected connections around transformational journeys.  Through this process, I found that a window opened up into questions around my own art process; how these social structures, these ‘-isms,’ (sexism, colonialism, consumerism) had in-formed and formed my self-perception and therefore my art practice.  We are, as a society, in a moment of shifting landscapes and structures, socially, politically, institutionally, spiritually, and we are finding new footing.  As an artist, I am privileged & challenged to reflect this exploration, both collective & personal, through a practice that encourages dialogue rather than statements.

This exhibition is a manifestation of these explorations expressed through portraiture, bringing forward tensions of shifting societal landscapes by experimenting with materials and scale, challenging precepts of permanence & perception.”

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